Life Coaching Essentials: Visionary Pathways

Are you ready to transform the way you relate to the world? Yandara’s heart-centered foundational Life Coach Certification Program is offered over 9 days at our beautiful home center in Baja, Mexico. Embark on the journey to become a certified Life Coach, equipped with visionary skills to guide yourself and others towards transcending limitations and achieving life balance, leading to profound happiness and freedom. Students complete a total of 90 contact hours at our residential facility and 10 hours of independent study. This training offers a Life Coach Certification and the hours may count towards your 300 hour advanced yoga training (500hr level) with Yandara


Total All-Inclusive Cost starting at: $1,800

This price includes tuition, meals and accommodation. Airport transportation is not included in the price. Canadian residence may be eligible for a “exchange rate” scholarship. Contact us for details.

Upcoming Life Coach Certification Courses

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January 4 - 14, 2025 Open

*Please note, the travel days are the first and last day of the posted training dates. Please schedule your arrival/departure accordingly.


Program Description:

Our foundational Life Coach Certification program spans 9 days, immersing you in comprehensive training to become a skilled guide and mentor. This program is meticulously designed to equip you with effective coaching skills and empower you to create a nurturing space for transformative experiences.

At Yandara, our Life Coach Certification program embodies the essence of this ancient art and science, seamlessly blending tradition with innovation. Tailored for the contemporary coach and client, our coaching style serves as a catalyst, inspiring individuals to enhance their lives comprehensively—mind, body, and spirit.

Our aim is to empower you with exceptional proficiency in guiding others through personal transformation. Upon program completion, students will depart equipped with a diverse set of knowledge and skills encompassing various subjects, including one-on-one coaching, motivational interviewing, establishing a coaching business, and more. This program is tailored for individuals seeking to engage in an interactive coach-client partnership.

Program Objectives:

Upon completion of the program, participants will be able to:

  • Demonstrate skills in mindfulness, life goals, motivational interviewing, and positive behavioral change.
  • Conduct one-on-one and group coaching sessions for healthy behavioral change.
  • Develop a life coaching approach that is uniquely their own.
  • Set up and establish a private coaching practice.

Course Sequence:

  • Life Coaching Fundamentals
  • Life Coaching Practicum
  • Business Plan and Practices Practicum 



This training is available if you have been practicing yoga for at least one year. 

Contact hours:

 90 hours 

Non-contact hours: 

10 hours (fulfilled by independent study)


Coaching is shedding its perception as an exclusive service reserved for the elite, becoming as commonplace as personal training is in today’s society. Moreover, non-professional coaches are increasingly integral members of communities, ensuring that individuals from diverse backgrounds can access the valuable benefits of coaching from early childhood onward.


Suil offers in-depth Foundations of Coaching and Advanced Coaching Programs, designed to inspire the blossoming potential of the student in a relaxed and supportive environment.

The Life Coach Program with Suil focuses on coaching skill training and offers many hours of supervised practice and application. You will go into depth of the traditional methods of Life Coaching and goal setting techniques. This gives you both in-depth learning and practice, and the foundation needed to get excellent results from your work. Suil guides you to a place of confidence, empowering you to apply your skills to your own coaching practice.

Suil lived at the Neem Karoli Baba ashram in India from the age of 18 and practiced with the many great Buddhist Masters in India, Nepal, Japan, and Korea. She is trained in Buddhist meditation and is certified as a Dharma teacher in several traditions and has extensive Shamanic Healing training in Brazil. She has collaborated with many internationally renowned teachers like Baba Ram Das, Lama Surya Das, and Sharon Salzberg at Lama Foundation, Omega Institute, Waldhaus (Switzerland), and in Japan since 1982.

Suil is a Master Trainer of NLP® and is the International Director of the Society of NLP® in Japan and Korea and is a Certified Coach trainer. NLP® or Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a method of influencing brain behaviour through the use of language and other types of communication to enable a person to re-code the way the brain responds and manifest new and better behaviours. She is the founder of NLP Alliance® and has experience teacher Life, Business and Executive Coaching. She is the developer of two original trainings, “Life Track” and “Stepping Beyond”.

“I love this work and it is a great honor to share knowledge and experience in this training in the beauty of the environment at Yandara.” – Suil

“Who you are makes a difference” – Suil