Karnapidasana | Ear Press Pose

Type of Pose: A variation of Halasana


• Stretches the low back
• See Halasana


• See Halasana

Step by Step

1. Start in Halasana (with toes touching the floor).

2. Exhale, bend the legs and lower the knees by the ears, on either side of the head.

3. Hug the arms around the backside of the knees and press the knees lightly to the ears. This is Karnapidasana. In this position there will be ample blood circulation in the pelvic girdle. Stay in this pose for 30-60 seconds.

4. To return to starting position, slowly bring the hands to support the low back. Straighten the knees and come back to Halasana.

Beginner’s Tip
: This pose if for students who are able to touch the floor with their toes in Halasana. If the student has limited flexibility they should keep their hands on their low back with bent knees until they are able to lower their knees enough to feel stable in the full posture. This will help them stay in the posture without rolling out.

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