The eye asanas will be used in my practice forever.



Yin Training

Yin Yoga Teacher Training  – 2016 Dates to be announced

Teaching in all its forms is about connection. To connect deeply with our students, family, and others in our lives, we must first connect with ourselves. 

Through the powerful practice of Yin Yoga and by exploring the wisdom of the archetypes of the warrior, healer, teacher, visionary, we journey into ourselves to explore ways in which we can best support our student and others in their life journey. We examine creative and collaborative approaches to teaching and learning as we:

  • Practice holding space
  • Develop body and energy awareness
  • Deepen our range of perception
  • Learn to follow our “inner teacher” and support others to do the same
  • Explore and develop our unique strengths and styles as teachers
  • Identify and address our blind spots and “growing edges” as teachers
  • Explore the use of story, poetry, and metaphors to invite a deeper somatic experience
  • This Yin Yoga teacher training is suitable for yoga teachers and practitioners at all levels of yogic experience.

    The training will consist of a minimum of 45-90 contact hours at Yandara and 5-10 non-contact hours to be completed after the workshop. The non-contact hours must be completed within 45 days and will consist of an emailed copy of your journal of experiences with yin yoga teaching or practice. Details of this will be discussed during the training. Those who complete the 50-100 hours will receive a certificate of completion. 

Upcoming Yin Training Dates

  • To be announced

Price: $1,200 USD for 5 days or $1,650 USD for 10 days, incl. food and accommodation. Standard price includes accommodation in one of our deluxe tents with bed. For more accommodation options please see the bottom of our Baja Training Programs pages. If you wish to bring your own tent, a discount of $75 USD off tuition will be given. 

**Reiki Level III/Master Training is held on March 29, 2017, directly after the Yin /Bhakti Training and before the Yin/Bhakti training. Please see the Reiki page for more information.

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