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The eye asanas will be used in my practice forever.



Women’s Retreat: Celebrating the Sacred Feminine

A 7 DAY RETREAT in baja, mexico

Welcome women, of all ages, of all walks of life, with or without physical womb, to a journey inwards of remembering your true feminine essence. The time is now. Now more than ever, women need to connect with each other and support one another so that we can recognize the sacredness and power of having a woman’s body, that is a vessel for love, healing and nourishment.

We will spend 6 days and 7 nights together in the beautiful space of Yandara Yoga Institute, surrounded by miles of open desert and ocean. We will create a sacred temple together, a space of sanctuary and calm where you are welcome to just be yourself and feel safe to release any tensions and stress.

We will journey through embracing our feminine nature with special practices and rituals such as: Womb Yoga for feminine healing, dancing and singing circles, calming breath practices, Yoga Nidra, meditation, ceremony and more. As we see Mother Earth as a representation of the feminine, much of our time will be spent outside connecting to her healing energies.


Total All-Inclusive Cost: $1,600

Tuition, meals and accommodation in one of our deluxe canvas glamping tents are included. Airport transportation is not included in the price.  

Upcoming Women’s Retreat

The loving leaders for this retreat are Jenny Janaki and Kylie Price.

What we will Explore during this Retreat: 

  • A woman’s cycle, how your menstrual cycle can be a healing and empowering guide through life.
  • Womb healing yoga practice to release tension in your pelvis and open up to healing and sensuality.
  • Yoga Nidra – deeply relaxing and healing practice.
  • Rituals & ceremonies – connecting to ancient goddesses & sacred rituals
  • Daily ways to connect to the heart.
  • Connection and sharing with other women.
  • Creating a sacred circle where we can relax, be nourished, held and supported.
  • Creative and healing practices to awaken the heart and connect with the self, such as: music, art, writings and touch.
  • Free time to relax and enjoy the sacred space as you like.
  • Nourishing wholesome food and offerings.

Retreat leader: Jenny Janaki 

My burning question has been “Why is it so difficult being a woman”?I have struggled my whole life with a negative relationship to myself. A bad self image, not loving my body, the critical inner voice holding me back, not knowing how to embody my femininity and even what that meant.

This led me on a journey of discovering my body, through feminine movement and lots of studying both the deeper questions of:  Who am I? And: Why all of the suffering? As well as learning about the feminine through studying and self-exploration.

The work that I share is a deeply embodied practice of living in A Feminine Way.It is a journey of coming back home to yourself and the depth and beauty of living in a woman’s body; a body that is sensual, slow, deeply inward-going and pleasurable. It is a journey of building a relationship with your feminine centers: the Womb and Heart. Inner connection is the medicine we need to reawaken to our feminine powers. Through Womb Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Womb healing practices, ceremonies, sharing, Menstrual wisdom and knowledge of feminine health, we recognize who we truly are and create a safe, sanctuary inside ourselves.

Retreat leader: Kylie Price

Always led by the heart, Kylie’s journey has been one of deep experience. Kylie’s passion is empathy and compassion. Spanning 20 years, her yoga practice has supported her journey of the self. She is intuitively guided to explore and support the path of the feminine. Her daily practice embraces: Natural Environment, Sound, Bhakti, Art, Ceremony and Mindfulness. Her joy is connecting and living from within the heart.

Like Jenny, Kylie’s practice and offerings are about coming back home to the self. In the sacred desert of Baja, Kylie invites you to join her in a retreat with your heart, celebrating and embracing the support of the goddess and la Madre Sagrada (Mother Earth). Kylie’s work is vulnerable and nourishing. She holds a sacred and safe space for the female experience. Inspired by the work of Brene Brown, Oriah Mountain Dreamer, Tanya Markul and countless women in her life, she is passionate about holding space for the female in all ways.

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