Vision Quest : The Dance of Stillness


Have you ever asked yourself:  Who Am I?  Why Am I here?  How can I heal my wounds? Join us on the beach in Baja, Mexico, for this unique experience!

A vision quest is a sacred journey. It is an initiation or rite of passage, often associated with Native American traditions but practiced in different cultures all over the world. A vision quest is a personal, spiritual quest, alone in the wilderness. Afterwards the initiate returns to the tribe to share the wisdom received, and then pursues life with a new sense of direction — attuned to the inner world. Some have claimed grand visions on their first vision quest while others have not. It is an individual experience, subject to the emotional, spiritual, and physical make-up of each person.

Since our beginning, we have returned to nature to re-connect with our Source and seek answers to both small and large questions. There is something about being spending time in nature that brings us closer to our true Self. We go to seek truths and divine realization. It is a time of internal transformation and renewal. It is a time to ask: Who am I? What is my purpose?



Program Details

  • Registration- At This Time Email Us Directly by clicking HERE
  • Program Dates: Upon Request *Please note, the travel days are the first and last days of the given training dates. Please schedule your arrival/departure accordingly.
  • Prerequisite: 200-hr Yoga Teacher Training Certificate from Yandara Yoga Institute, or other Yoga Alliance approved 200-hour Yoga Teacher training.
  • Preparatory Study: Spend 10 hours alone in the wilderness or in a quiet park, divide the hours how you like. Journal about your experience; challenges, insights, etc.
  • Course Materials: A journal.
  • Course Hours: 90 hours.
  • Preparatory Hours: 10 hours (to be fulfilled by pre-training home study).

Yandara’s Vision Quest program is designed for a small number of participants. Your guide, Shane Christopher, has years of experience, both doing and guiding vision quests. He will serve to mirror and support you. He will be there for you as you prepare for your solo time and then to help you integrate and embody your experience. Ensuring that you will return to your community enriched with the experience of being immersed in the healing power of nature and of your own innate Source.

The course will start with 3 days of preparation at Yandara, during these days you will partake in yoga classes and satsangs, as well as daily private sittings with Shane Christopher. On the evening of day 3, Shane Christopher will walk you to your vision quest location, the location is set back from the beach slightly and within walking distance from Yandara. You will then spend 3 days and 4 nights of solitary vision quest time, supported by the practices learned during the first 3 days. In the morning of the 7th day, Shane Christopher will meet you to walk you back to the community. The last couple of days will be spent integrating and understanding the experiences that you had during your solo time.  

Your well-being is of our utmost concern. There will be daily checkpoints with a marker that allows your fellow vision quest buddies or guide to verify your safety. In addition, Yandara is located nearby, and a whistle call brings a buddy into your site within short time.

While you are in your solo time, electronics are not permitted.  Also, reading and writing are limited to your specific vision quest journal and notes. Simplification is essential! We will supply drinking water, food, and first aid kit. We will also provide a furnished tent for the days you are staying on Yandara campus.


  • Guided or Personal Morning asana Practice
  • Evening Satsangs
  • Study of Philosophy
  • What is Vision Quest? 
  • Techniques: Qi Gong;  pranayama; chanting; self-inquiry; sitting and walking meditation
  • Private sittings with Shane Christopher, this is to help you prepare for your solo time and then to integrate your experience


  • Backpack
  • Small tent for your solo time
  • Sleeping bag & Extra sheet
  • Sleeping mat
  • Layers of clothing for warm days and chilly nights
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunhat
  • Sarong and/or Towel
  • Eco friendly, biodegradable toothpaste and camp-soap
  • Water bottle; headlamp; whistle
  • Journal

Your Guide


Christopher is the co-founder of Yandara and has over 20 years of meditation and yoga practice. His style is dynamic and intuitive, mixing creative movement with a powerful asana practice. Christopher has the gift to bring his students through fun and challenging flow sequences while cultivating the shared awareness that is Yoga. His passion for yoga philosophy and yoga psychology is a part of his daily life and weaves naturally into his teachings. Christopher’s presence inspires those around him to enter their hearts and connect to their truest potential.

Christopher was raised at the SKMC Meditation Center in Bowling Green, Virginia. He requested initiation to a meditation practice at age 4, and while he led a “normal” childhood, he studied with Sant Darshan Singh until age 16. In his early twenties, after attending VCU for fine arts, Christopher spent two years as an apprentice of John P. Milton, training in Sacred Passage (wilderness meditation) and QiGong. This time of deep transformation included several solo wilderness retreats, ranging from 2 to 28 days.

In 2005 Christopher spent 6 months in India and Nepal, where he attended teachings and went on retreats, undertaking extensive practice in Vipassana Meditation and Tibetan Buddhist Meditation.

Christopher founded the Yandara Yoga Institute with his father Craig Perkins in 2003. Since that time he has been facilitating Yoga Teacher Trainings, and continues to inspire and grow with each person he meets. Christopher is a registered YACEP® – Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider.

Christopher has studied with many inspired yogi’s across the world, including a 500-hr training with Dharma Mittra, as well as trainings with Daniel Odier – Kashmirian Tantra, Shiva Rea – Vinyasa Flow, Hanneli Francis – Anusara, Baba Hari Das of the Mount Madonna Center, T.K.V. Desikachar – Yoga Therapy, and senior Iyengar teachers Kevin Durkin, Victor Oppenheimer and Gloria Goldberg. Christopher is also an inspired musician and singer, with a lot of love for Kirtan.