The Yoga Nidra Resonance Module

A 9 DAY ADVANCED retreat style TEACHER TRAINING (500 HR LEVEL) in baja, mexico

Come join us for a deeply relaxing and transformational experience with Yoga Nidra. We will learn the art of guiding awareness into the restful place of Yoga nidra, a regenerative state of being known as “yoga sleep.” The benefits are many and in this time together we will enjoy receiving and giving Yoga Nidra. We will also explore using Tibetan Bowls, Crystal Bowls and Gongs to enhance our Yoga Nidra as sound vibration proves to be a beneficial addition to this practice. In simple and profound ways, our Yoga Nidra Resonance module will deepen your life experience and help you gain a sense of peace and rejuvenation. This program is a part of Yandara’s Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Program.  


Total All-Inclusive Cost: $1,600

This price includes tuition, meals, and accommodation. Airport transportation is not included in price. Choose the course you would like to book from the list below. Canadian residence may be eligible for a “exchange rate” scholarship. Contact us for details.

Upcoming Dates Program Availability Book Now
January 24 - February 3, 2024 Yoga Nidra 9 Day YTT Module Open

Program Description

This training is part of Yandara’s 300-hr advanced program. It is ideal for those wanting to advance their yoga teaching career and certification and also for those who want to deepen their own personal practice. 

The lead teacher for this module is Mercy Ananda (Sound Healer & Mantra Musician) together with Amber Young and the rest of our inspiring Yandara crew. 

Program Details

  • Prerequisite: If you intend to complete your 300-hour certification, a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Certificate from Yandara yoga Institute, or other 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training is required. We also welcome all serious yoga students/teachers who are interested in further study even if you don’t intend to complete a 300-hour certification.
  • Contact hours: 90 hours
  • Non-contact hours: 10 hours (fulfilled by home study projects)
  • Preparation: Read “Yoga Nidra” by Swami Satyananda Saraswati. Bring this book with you to the training!

*Please note, the travel days are the first and last day of the posted training dates. Please schedule your arrival/departure accordingly.

Mexico is one of the safest travel destinations, to find out more click here.


At our Baja, Mexico location we offer a few different choices for accommodation.

Deluxe Tents

The majority of yogis that attend our Teacher Training choose to stay in our deluxe tents. These are big tents that most people are able to stand up in. Each tent has a normal twin size bed and mattress, a small set of drawers and a lamp. Bed linens are provided, but we do not provide a bath towel. Comfortable and yet still close to nature. We like to call it luxury camping. We have 7 bathrooms and 7 showers on our campus.

Luxury Canvas Cabins

These are beautiful cotton canvas safari tents with a plush full-size bed and mattress and down comforter. These tents will make your stay truly memorable. Linen bedding and towels are included. For couples we can offer a larger tent with a queen-size bed. These are available in a limited number. Check the booking registration page to see if they are available for your course.

Glamping Cabanas

Our concrete glamping cabanas are pure luxury! With comfy full size bed, down comforter, towels and plenty of space to store your clothes, these cabins are your perfect home away from home – nestled into the desert, yet sheltered from the elements.

Glamping Cabanas with Private Bath

For further comfort, our new cabanas have private bathrooms! With cushy full/queen size bed, down comforter, towels and plenty of space to store your clothes, these cabanas are simply divine – nestled into the desert, yet sheltered from the elements.