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Welcome to Yandara Yoga Institute’s Hawaii Location!

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Your yoga teacher training in Hawaii is set in the scenic wonder on the island of Kauai and is encompassed by the big hearts of our loving, like-minded Yoga community. Combined with the wisdom and warmth of an accomplished Yandara staff, your Hawaii retreat serves as a beautiful awakening of mind, body and soul coupled with a dedication to your yoga training journey.

Your yoga teacher training takes place at a beautiful a beautiful Balinese style retreat center near Maloa’a Bay on the North Shore of Kauai, in Hawaii. This secluded retreat space envelops you in its lush tropical setting placing you just a 10 minute walk to the nearby beautiful beachfront.

Enjoy the beauty of colorful rainbows, lush green forests, stunning beaches and fragrant flora while you connect and learn with fellow students and teachers. In this naturally inspiring setting you’ll find the blissful harmony between mind and body as you practice yoga with aloha (love).  

Yandara’s goal is to open new doors of yoga and spiritual awareness. By interweaving a natural and communal experience, you’ll find the scenic wonder of Hawaii’s surroundings matches the inner-beauty of your fellow students and Yandara staff.

Our Hawaii Yoga Teacher Training Courses

Welcome to our all-inclusive Hawaii Yoga teacher training location, a place that transcends both the physical and spiritual. To register and/or learn more about each course offered at our Hawaii location please click any of the following links to be directed to a page highlighting each specific course’s details.

Hawaii Courses


Welcome to Your Hawaii Yoga Experience

Leave all of your stress behind and settle into the calm, restorative beauty of Kauai. Enjoy practicing and learning yoga in the beautiful jungle setting of the on-site Yoga Shala. After classes take a moment to meditate and illuminate in the beauty of the onsite Balinese Meditation Pavilion, open 24 hours a day for prayer, meditation or a quiet gathering space for individuals or groups. Your all-inclusive Hawaii yoga experience will include:


Our menu features a delicious array of unique vegetarian dishes that also include a fish option for those who desire. Guests enjoy a beautiful selection of organic fruits and vegetables grown locally and on-site. 


The Hawaiian climate is blissfully comfortable year round and offers visitors and residents alike an abundance of lovely sun filled days followed by comfortable nights with soothing trade wind breezes peacefully lulling you to sleep.

A Taste of How You’ll Spend Your Day


Your day starts as the sun rises and you awaken your senses with a group morning yoga class. Next you will enjoy a refreshing shared community breakfast with your fellow students filled with the nutrition your body needs to fuel you for the day ahead. Following breakfast you will then move into a class focused on yoga philosophy and technical training where we break down poses together in the natural beauty of one of our shaded, open-air studios. 

Next, we pause for a delicious lunch focused on health and nutrition for both mind and body, followed by some time to relax in the beautiful setting of the Balinese style retreat center or head to the beach and connect with your fellow students.


After lunch, our focus turns to you as a teacher. We are here to assist absolute beginners in becoming educated and inspiring yoga teachers, as well as to assist seasoned teachers in the deepening and refining of their yoga teaching skills.

This part in your day will allow you to become more comfortable in front of a class and take on the role of a confident yoga teacher. You will become not only more knowledgeable in yoga within this training but also more knowledgeable of yourself as we encourage you to carry what you have learned onward to your own students. 

This supportive and encouraging environment is built to elevate each and every one of our students to their full potential as a yoga teacher.


Every night we offer community activities that are unique and crafted to keep you entertained, engaged and enlightened. Enjoy native music from the Yandara Jaya band and other local musicians, or join us in the magical experience of Kirtan-chanting meditation.

You can also sit back with your fellow students and instructors for an evening of watching educational films on ground-breaking yoga approaches followed by a group discussion. 

These evenings are built to encourage our community of students and teachers to connect, have fun and head to bed with a full heart and soul.

Join us in Hawaii for your Yoga Teacher Training and be a part of something truly special and unique.

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