Yoga Teacher Trainings in Sweden and Italy


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Yandara’s yoga teacher trainings in Europe invite you to immerses yourself in a unique natural setting and a loving, like-minded community in the stunningly beautiful and diverse countries of Sweden and Italy. In Sweden, our yoga teacher training retreat takes place at Shambala Gatherings, located in the mystical, magical forest of Bergslagen, 2 hours north of Stockholm where you can explore the many amazing hiking trails, paddle through the serene waters of the lake, or relax in a nighttime sauna. Our Italy YTT is located at Sicilian Spirit, an intimate retreat center in the Madonie area, in the middle of Sicily. We gather in a 17th century farmhouse/masseria, surrounded by a secluded oak forest, a natural creek, and a 300-year-old labyrinth garden. The Masseria is a certified organic farm that produces extra virgin olive oil, vegetables and fruit. Everyday, we will enjoy delicious, healthy, farm-to-table vegetarian meals.

This pristine natural settings offers you the opportunity to immerse yourself in nature while learning from our seasoned team. Our European YTT retreats offer you an experience that will build on your yoga skill-set while also enriching your soul.

As always at Yandara, the people you’ll be sharing class with are as important as the place. Our approach is all about teaching yoga from the heart, and we’ll help you learn, grow and draw experience and strength from deep within as well as from those around you. 

Our Europe Yoga Teacher Training Courses

This all-inclusive European yoga teacher training experience is built to connect you with nature and community in it’s stunning, peaceful location. To register and/or learn more about the 200hr Yoga Teacher Training courses offered at our Europe locations please click the link below to be directed to a page highlighting this course’s details.

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Welcome to Your Swedish Yoga Experience

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You’ll join Yandara’s yoga teacher training community at Shambala Gatherings. Opened in 2005, Shambala provides a natural environment of co-creation, creativity, loving-kindness and beauty. The name “Shambala” was inspired by the ancient kingdom in Inner Asia, and describes a utopian paradise, in which one lives unselfishly and in perfect harmony with the naturally abundant environment around them. Most of the staff are volunteers, all sharing a common vision to live together in communion with nature and to explore what it means to live a truly yogic lifestyle. Your all-inclusive European yoga experience will include:


One of the most memorable visitor experiences at Shambala is the kitchen. You’ll savor food prepared and combined in Ayurvedic tradition, with vegan and gluten-free cuisine that uses mainly organic products as well as locally produced vegetables and honey when possible. The food combinations are designed to ensure you’re in top energetic shape. Be sure to also treat yourself to Shambala’s signature desserts and homemade gluten-free bread!


Shambala’s remote forest location provides a literal taste of Swedish traditions. Much of the forest floor is covered with delicious Swedish blueberries, and thanks to the Swedish customary law called “Allemansrätten” or “the right to roam,” you are allowed to pick berries almost anywhere. There are also wild strawberries, raspberries, lingonberries (a distant relative of cranberries), wild mushrooms, and more available in the forest and free for the picking. The nearby village of Skinnskatteberg is a sleepy little Swedish village with a population of just over 2,000 and home to cozy restaurants and art galleries


Sweden’s summer offers a mix of sunny and overcast days. Temperatures average around 20 C / 70 F during the day, and 12 C / 50 F during the night.

A Taste of How You’ll Spend Your Day


Your day starts as the sun rises and you awaken your senses with a group morning yoga class. Next you will enjoy a refreshing shared community breakfast with your fellow students filled with the nutrition your body needs to fuel you for the day ahead.

Following breakfast you will then move into a class focused on philosophy and technical training where we break down poses together in the spacious, lake-view studio. 

We’ll then pause for a delicious lunch, focused on health and nutrition for both mind and body, followed by an hour break allowing for time to relax by the lake, hike through the forest, and connect with your fellow students.


After lunch, our focus turns to you as a teacher. We are here to assist absolute beginners in becoming educated and inspiring yoga teachers, as well as to assist seasoned teachers in the deepening and refining of their yoga teaching skills.

This part in your day will allow you to become more comfortable in front of a class and take on the role of a confident yoga teacher. You will become not only more knowledgeable in yoga within this training but also more knowledgeable of yourself as we encourage you to carry what you have learned onward to your own students. 

This supportive and encouraging environment is built to elevate each and every one of our students to their full potential as a yoga teacher.


Every night on our European Yoga courses we offer community activities that are unique and crafted to keep you entertained, engaged and enlightened. From chanting and singing sessions, to breathwork, to meditations and even club-style dance parties, you’ll find your evenings both fun and spiritually fulfilling

You may also choose to sit back with your fellow students and instructors for an evening of watching educational films on ground-breaking yoga approaches followed by a group discussion. 

These evenings are built to encourage our community of students and teachers to connect, have fun and head to bed with a full heart and soul.

Join us in Europe for your Yoga Teacher Training and be a part of something truly special and unique.

We look forward to meeting you!

We invite you to connect with all of us at Yandara Yoga Institute by joining our community social groups where you’ll be kept up to date on what’s happening at Yandara as well as be offered a place to discover new information, resources and relationships with like minded people.