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Scenic wonder and spirituality are the cornerstones of your yoga teacher training in Bali. From your open-air accommodations, every vista connects you with the natural beauty of this Indonesian paradise. Start each new day looking out to the cerulean waters as they meet the lush green rainforest and rolling hills that merge into majestic mountains. 

Together with fellow students and teachers you’ll feel the grounding calm of Bali’s renowned spirituality in all you do. Be part of the beauty and culture while you connect with the spirit of the Bali people as they light incense altars several times daily filling the air with sweet perfumes that blend their daily journey and breath with your own. 

At Yandara Yoga Institute our approach is all about teaching yoga from the heart. Here in Bali, we will work with you as you learn, grow and draw experience and strength from those around you. Ground yourself in this incredible setting amongst the undulating hills and lapping seashores to cultivate and nurture your love of yoga for both yourself and those you teach. 

Enjoy the luxury of spa accommodations and relax with a lunch hour massage after your morning yoga sessions, lay back and soak your stresses away in a rose-petal bath at the end of your day or simply unwind with fellow students in the beauty of this amazing natural setting while you share memorable moments of friendship and form new connections.

Our Bali Yoga Teacher Training Courses

This Bali yoga teacher training experience is truly like no other, your

all-inclusive stay includes everything you would expect from spa accommodations

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Bali Courses


Welcome to Your Bali Yoga Experience

Set on the northern shore of the island of Bali, guests are met with stunning ocean views, beautiful sandy beaches and surrounded by lush gardens and rice paddy fields. This yoga teacher training retreat is held at the ShangriLa Oceanside Retreat and Spa, your all-inclusive Bali yoga experience will include:


This Polynesian-influenced menu features a delicious array of unique vegetarian dishes that also include a fish option for those who desire. Guests enjoy a beautiful selection of locally grown organic fruits and vegetables and a menu that is rarely ever repeated. 


Visitors and locals alike are naturally drawn to the beauty that the coral reefs of Bali offer. These reefs thrive with a vast biodiversity of marine species that share their waters with guests to the region who enjoy everything from yoga on the beach to surfing. Visitors to the region are met with some of the world’s finest Buddhist artwork and sculptures, amazing in their intricate detail and complexity, these pieces are a highlight for all who see them.


Bali offers temperatures that generally hover around the mid-80s during the day, allowing for a comfortable environment as students participate in their yoga instruction and training. With humidity being relatively low and rain unlikely, Bali boasts the ideal environment for outdoor yoga classes and community events. As night falls it brings with it a slightly cooler temperature offering guests of our retreat a restful sleep.

A Taste of How You’ll Spend Your Day


Your day starts as the sun rises and you awaken your senses with a group morning yoga class. Next you will enjoy a refreshing shared community breakfast with your fellow students filled with the nutrition your body needs to fuel you for the day ahead. Following breakfast you will then move into a class focused on technical training where we break down poses together in the natural beauty of our luxurious Bali location. 

Next, we pause for a delicious group lunch focused on health and nutrition for both mind and body, followed by an hour break allowing for time to relax on the beach, take advantage of the spa amenities or enjoy the opportunity to connect with your fellow students.


After lunch, our focus turns to you as a teacher. We are here to assist absolute beginners in becoming educated and inspiring yoga teachers, as well as to assist seasoned teachers in the deepening and refining of their yoga teaching skills.

This part in your day will allow you to become more comfortable in front of a class and take on the role of a confident yoga teacher. You will become not only more knowledgeable in yoga within this training but also more knowledgeable of yourself as we encourage you to carry what you have learned onward to your own students. 

This supportive and encouraging environment is built to elevate each and every one of our students to their full potential as a yoga teacher.


Every night we offer community activities that are unique and crafted to keep you entertained, engaged and enlightened. Enjoy native music from the Bali Shangri-la staff, or join us in the magical experience of Kirtan-chanting meditation.

You may also choose to sit back with your fellow students and instructors for an evening of watching educational films on ground-breaking yoga approaches followed by a group discussion. 

These evenings are built to encourage our community of students and teachers to connect, have fun and head to bed with a full heart and soul. 

Join us in Bali for your Yoga Teacher Training and be a part of something truly special and unique.

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