Walking meditation was a beautiful way to begin the day at Yandara. I enjoyed waking up with the waves and reflecting on the day to come.

Past Student

Potential students should come for the yoga and stay for the food! The kitchen did a wonderful job at providing and excellent variety of yummy prana charged cuisine.

Past Student


Teale Puchalski – Maine, USA

  • Home City: Damariscotta, Maine
  • Program & Date Graduated: Baja, June/July 2006
  • Website:  Studio 202 Yoga
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Teale Puchalski Biography

Teale Puchalski is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with the Yoga Alliance at the 200- hour level. She completer her teacher training at the Yandara Yoga Institute in Baja, Mexico, where she studied Iyengar influenced Hatha yoga. Teale found yoga at a time in her life when she was travelling extensively for work. She began attending yoga classes in each city she visited and realized quickly that no matter how transient she was physically, there was one constant in her life – yoga. Always very in tune with her physical fitness as well as her mental growth, she found yoga to be a natural fit. With a background in gymnastics, the physical aspect of yoga came easily; developing her spiritual side has been an unexpected benefit, and an ongoing journey.

Teale continues to work on her personal practice, inner growth, and furthering her education. Her love of yoga and passion for life comes through in the energetic and playful environment she establishes in her classes. Students are encouraged to listen to their bodies to develop strength, balance and flexibility. Her teaching style emphasizes the importance of alignment in a vinyasa flow. In her classes she guides her students through mind-full movement, incorporating pranayama and meditation, with the intention of sharing the balance and happiness that practicing yoga has brought her life.

Yandara Ambassador Program

While we at Yandara specialize in yoga teacher training, we know that many people are looking for great and qualified instructors in their area. Teale Puchalski has passed our rigorous training with flying colors and meets all the strict requirements of being included in our Ambassador program.

You can find more of our students serving different locations around the world on our ambassador page for yoga teacher training and certification. Please feel free to contact any of our ambassadors about their experiences at Yandara Yoga Institute, or

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