Yandara Guest Teacher: Kim Wexman E-RYT500

Kim has been teaching yoga for 16 years. She trained mostly in Los Angeles and also in Mexico in a variety of styles including a mix of Iyengar and Ashtanga influences. Her trainings include: Vinyasa trainings with Annie Carpenter (500 hours SmartFlow®) and Maty Ezraty (200 hours). She has also taken a Restorative Yoga Training with Annie Carpenter and Leslie Kazadi (100 hours) and Ashtanga Trainings with Laruga Glaser, Wayne Krasner, Mark Robberds as well as a spiritual based training with Steve Ross (200 hours). Kim’s versatile teaching mixes fire (tapas) with nectar (sweetness) and encourages a balance between effort (stability/resisting gravity) and ease (softning/giving in to gravity). Cultivating a deep awareness of, and an intimate connection to breath is always emphasized. Kim feels alignment is very important not only because our goal is to be kind to our bodies and create space for energy flow (prana), but also because we want to avoid injury and bad habits (samskaras) that lead to injury in the long run. Kim likes to recognize that every body and every person is different so each practice will be unique to each person each day.

“The more yoga we do… the more we begin to love the way yoga makes us feel… eventually our teaching comes from a place of passion, not from ego.” – Kim Wexman

“Yoga is not just about moving around and moving in and out of poses… it’s about beginning to become more sensitive to the energy that is inside our bodies which ultimately connects us to everything.” – Kim Wexman

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