Sarasvati Young, E-RYT 500

Sarasvati Young, E-RYT 500 - Yoga Teacher

Sarasvati has lead teacher trainings with Yandara since 2009. She is a much loved yoga teacher and part of our team that brings an open mind and an open heart to the mat. A lover of the Ocean and the Elements, she often ties her classes into the themes of nature. She loves exploring Yoga as an expression of the joy and abundance all around us.

Sarasvati is an inspired devotional musician and has had the pleasure of studying mantra and kirtan with her mother, Mercy Ananda. Her receptive and joyful nature invites exploration on the mat and a playful outlook on life.

Inspired by the transformations she sees in the students at Yandara, Sarasvati holds a loving space for all to express their unique gifts with the community. More than anything, she believes in the power of a group, where each individual puts the best parts of themselves forward to heal the Earth and all beings!

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Student Testimonial

Sarasvati is truly an inspiration and a beacon of light! She is knowledgable and gifted. Her radiant energy and her kindness are an absolute joy!