Laina Florio: Spiritual Life Coach & Retreat Manager

Laina spent 18 years in the corporate world of fashion in New York City learning about people development, business building, and achieving success in the physical world. After a trip to Nepal in 2010, she began to see life through a new lens – one of deeper meaning, purpose and value. From that point, she made a big decision – to leave the grind of the fast paced hustle in service to more meaningful and purposeful work in the world. She went back to school to receive her Masters Degree in Spiritual Psychology, then a degree in Conscious, Health & Healing, along with numerous other modalities – NLP, Reiki, and more. Laina began life coaching in 2012, then began leading workshops & International retreats.

In 2019, Laina found her perfect fit at Yandara where she was able to combine her love of coaching while helping Yandara to build their retreat business – all in service to supporting others to live more fulfilling and meaningful lives and careers.

As a Spiritual Life Coach, Laina sees every person as inherently capable, worthy and special in their own unique way. She believes we are all light beings who have the answers we seek inside of us. She works with clients to help them discover their inner truth, self worth, value, purpose, and to overcome their limitations. She empowers them to evolve into the highest version of themselves, advancing in all areas of their lives using experiential processes to guide them into purpose driven action.

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