Kelly Wampler, 500 E-RYT, YACEP®

Like many before, Kelly sought out yoga for the exercise and to increase flexibility, but as she began to practice in 2008 she realized that yoga went much deeper than she originally thought. She has been so incredibly blessed with wonderful teachers along this path that have instilled all of the aspects of yoga in their classes, teaching her that yoga is not just a physical practice but so much more. Making the decision to become a full time yoga teacher in 2017, was a scary one on many levels, but she felt the call and decided to follow it. This eventually led to the discovery of the passion of mentoring and teaching teachers and what better place to do so than where her journey actually began, alongside her beloved teachers at Yandara. Kelly feels yoga is a life-long practice and she is so grateful to be on this path of teaching, learning and sharing yoga with the world. Her goal is to teach authentically and from the heart, hoping that as you practice you will not only learn from her, but more importantly you will learn things about yourself!

Kelly has a passion for sequencing and instilling functional movement in her asana classes along with the aspects of Bhakti yoga as well.

Yoga Trainings: 200 RYT Yandara Yoga Institute, 300 RYT Yandara Yoga Institute focusing on Yin, Restorative, Bhakti and Meditation, 300 RYT Advanced Vinyasa training, Injury Management, Anatomy and Sequencing trainings with Jason Crandell, 100 hour Bhakti Flow training with Rusty Wells, Katonah Yoga training with Mary Dana Abbott, Siddah Meditation with Swami Nardanand, Yoga Philosophy with Luke Ketterhagen of the Himalayan Institute, Sounds and Scripts of Sanskrit with Samadhi Collective and Reiki level Master Usui-Tibetan lineage with Allison Eaton.

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Student Testimonial

"Kelly is a very knowledgable, inspiring and relatable teacher. She's always there to help with anything - big or small - she goes beyond what she needs to do. And she's super encouraging! You can tell that she loves to teach and her personal stories bring the yoga teachings to life!"