Preparation info for Bali, Indonesia

Please print a copy of this document for your reference as it contains important information about preparing for your training and travel.  You can download a PDF here.


Tuition: The price of the course includes tuition, meals and accommodation.  
Airfare, airport transportation and course manuals are not included. All prices are in USD.

Course Materials: The Yandara Asana manuals and/or Yandara Life resource manuals required for your course are provided upon arrival. In the next 24 hours, you will also receive a separate email detailing pre-course study materials. 

Deposit: A deposit of $450.00 USD is required with your registration. If for some reason we cannot accept your registration, we will refund your deposit 100%. 

Cancellation Policy: In case of cancellation all deposits can be used for a future program. If 30 days before training start date, a cash refund minus the $80 administration fee is offered. Within 30 days of training start date, a cash refund minus the $80 administration fee, is possible only if we can fill your space from our waiting list, otherwise no refund is possible.

What to do next:


Thank you for submitting your registration and deposit. In the Registration Email, you received a link to your account which you can use to review and update your information. Be sure you have filled out the Emergency Contact Info, Dietary and Medical Requirements sections of the registration. 

Second: Please download, print and read this page and “FAQ’s,” and “Enhance Your Experience” links as they contain important preparation information.

Third: When you have your flight information, please use the link from the Registration Email to update your Flight Information. This must be done at least 3 weeks before your arrival so we can schedule your Arrival Transportation.

Fourth: Complete your Pre-Course Study. 

Fifth: The remaining tuition balance, plus $50 for Training Materials is due 30 days before arrival. You will receive a payment reminder email which will allow you to check your remaining balance and submit payment if necessary.  If you wish to complete your payment with another method, contact us.

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If you are arriving from anywhere outside Indonesia. Your passport

cannot expire within 6 months

of your arrival date or the Indonesian immigration will not allow you to enter the country. You must also have

a full page available

in your passport, for them to stamp your tourist visa.

You will automatically be given a 30 day tourist visa. If you plan to stay longer you will need to arrange a different type of visa. 

Travel Medical Insurance:
We strongly recommend that all participants have some type of travel medical insurance. 
Some travel websites offer it when you purchase your ticket or you can purchase it independently. It is very inexpensive with plans starting at $26 and can be purchased online very easily. Any provider is fine or you can use the one recommended below.


Arrival to Airport:

The airport is Ngurah Rai which is located in the city of Denpasar, the airport code is (DPS).

We recommend that you schedule your arrival for at least two days prior to the start date of the program to allow yourself time to adjust to the new country and time zone.
For people who want to share transportation costs to the retreat center, we will arrange designated meeting places in Kuta and Ubud to meet the taxis the day of arrival. Please notify us ahead of time where you will be staying for the extra days before the training starts.
All participants will be arriving to the retreat center on the the scheduled start date. Classes begin at 7 am on the following. Schedule your departure flight the final day of the course. Departure transportation will be organized by the retreat center.


– Passport

– Yoga Anatomy textbook and homework

– A sticky, non-slip yoga mat

– Yoga strap

– Water bottle

– Travel mug for hot drinks (optional)

– Toiletries (feminine hygiene products) 

– Writing materials: lined paper, pens, etc.

– Flashlight or headlamp

– Battery operated alarm clock, phone or watch (You will need to carry a watch at all times)

– Extra batteries

– Layers of comfortable clothing (including WARM & COOL clothes regardless of season)

– Comfortable clothes for daily yoga practice and meditation

– Scarf/Wraps/shawls

– Shorts, tank tops, swimsuit

– A fun out on the town outfit

– Personal comfort items i.e. supplements

– Comfortable shoes for walking and sandals

– Sun hat

– Light weight long sleeve shirt for protection from sun

– During the last week of training each student will be presenting a half hour class. At that class you might want to have some music to play and a reading as part of the class set up. If you have some inspiring readings and music that you feel would be appropriate, please bring them. We have a CD player or you can hook up your phone or mp3 player. It will be helpful to download your favorite Spotify playlists since internet is not always available. 



It is best to exchange your money for rupiah at the airport. There is a “Money Exchange” at the airport but it is not always open. Many stores and restaurants do not accept traveler’s checks. Almost everyone accepts Euros but you may not get a good exchange rate. Your final bill for any phone usage and laundry can be paid in cash or credit card to the retreat center. 

Extra Services                                        
Reiki Training
– Massage                                          
– Astrology Readings                                    
– Live Music and CD’s 

Internet: The retreat centers general have wifi available for a fee. You can also purchase local sim cards to use with your phone. 

Food Sanitation: As in most foreign countries, you may be more susceptible to food and water that may not agree with you. When eating at local restaurants, it is necessary to be vigilant with the food you eat. Yandara uses extra precautions to ensure your health.

Substance Policy: Yandara is a smoke-free environment. Smoking must be done off premises. Alcohol and recreational drugs are not allowed during any portion of the training, including your days off.