Celine, Yandara YTT

To the Yandara team,

I attended the Yandara 200-hour YTT in Bali (July, 18 – August, 2), and I
would like to give you my feedback about this training.

First of all, I need to say that this training has been a more than amazing experience. I never thought that 16 days could have such a deep and beneficial impact on my life and wellbeing, but they actually did!

As far as the accommodation is concerned, I think that the Shangrila resort is a perfect choice for this training! I loved how secluded it was, and how it enabled us to live a real retreat and to focus solely on our training.
The amenities, buildings, food and services were of high quality! Everyone at Shangrila was so sweet all the time, and always making sure that we had all we needed!

The whole training was extremely well thought and organized. It is obvious that people planning and leading this YTT have a lot of experience and know what they are doing. The progression of the teachings was very logical and enabled me to feel confident about starting to teach yoga poses and sequences. I really loved how we were asked to gradually teach more complicated and longer sequences, and did not have to wait until the end of the training to actually start teaching. This approach made a lot of sense.

The program offered was really rich and diverse. I liked the variety of activities and styles covered over the 16 days. It definitely opened my mind and heart, and made me discover a lot of things about life and myself, in a safe and loving environment.

Above all, the most important fact about this training was that the teaching team was incredible! I feel so lucky for having Allison, Kim and Ari as my teachers for this training. All three of them were amazing teachers, and I will be thankful for them forever. They created a nurturing environment for us students to evolve in, and I really appreciated that. I have learned so much in their presence, in only 16 days!

I will definitely remember this training, and I am already looking forward to enrolling in another one with Yandara to further complete my yoga education!

Celine, Yandara YTT
July, 18th – August, 2nd 2016