Yoga Meditation Skills I

Yoga Meditation Skills I
10 June, 2014

The practice of yoga aims for “Enlightenment” and also “Self-Realization”.  In order to achieve this state, one must be able to focus and bring himself to meditate at a level or depth where he discovers the Center of his consciousness. In doing so, one must have a set of skills to reach one’s self within.  It might be confusing at times when we hear the words techniques and skills.  To simplify it, techniques are methods by which one enhances a certain skill.  In Yoga, the more important thing that one should be able to focus on is the skill and not so much on the techniques. 

The third structure of Yoga is Meditation.  Before one can learn how to properly meditate, they have to cultivate or hone their skills.  To be guided with the right way of meditating, here are 6 skills that are needed to achieve a deep level of Yoga meditation.


Beginners would have a hard time relaxing the body especially if they come from a stressful day at work or home.  All your body muscles are all tensed and you should be able to loosen all the tightness and the stiffness in your body.  So how does one gain or improve the skill of relaxing the body at their own desire and will?  The key here is repetition.  The more one practices, the more one will come into terms of easily loosening up.  There really is no shortcut to this.  Relaxation exercises should be regularly practiced even if you’re not in Yoga class.  At first, it would help you to listen to nature’s sounds like the sound of water rushing, rain falling, birds chirping.  Find something that can aid you in relaxing your body until such time that you can do it on your own.

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