Yin Yoga as Self-Love

Yin Yoga as Self-Love
16 July, 2015

The yin yoga practice is essentially one of self-love. Unlike other styles of yoga, it is slow, sensual, and soft – a yogic form that really allows us to lather up and cleanse ourselves with love and affection. During a yin practice, we give ourselves permission to relax, to care for our bodies and minds, and ultimately to see ourselves as the manifestations of divinity that we truly are.

As we move through the postures in a sacred manner, we allow a profound depth of experience to take place. These experiences may be invisible to the eye, but there is much going on beneath the surface – in the deep layers and tissues of the body and mind. The yin practice is far from superficial. It is a practice of self-love and transformation – essential for our soul’s evolution.

Yin yoga helps us to cultivate acceptance for ourselves – for where we are in our lives in this present moment. When we get very still, which we do with this form of yoga, we get to experience the sensation of divinity, recognizing our bodies as manifestations of the divine – as  manifestations of boundless love.

In the poses we often support our bodies with pillows and props, blocks and bolsters. These tools of comfort allow us to be passive, receptive, and open to all the beauty of life that is flowing to us. They help us to give ourselves the gift of surrender, to receive love and support. We let go, we accept our bodies and minds, just as they are. We get to re-connect with ourselves – with the love of who we are. As we sink deeper into the postures, we marinate in our light and in our divinity. We give ourselves the healing gift of our own attention, resting in the vibration of love. That is the practice of yin yoga, a profound gift of self-love and self-compassion. 

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