When Habits Get in the Way of Joy

When Habits Get in the Way of Joy
30 November, 2013

“Where attention goes, energy flows”

Ever notice when your thoughts flow into a run on sentence about how nothing is really up to snuff? Have you ever had a thought similar to, “I can never find a parking spot at the grocery store!” only to arrive and spend 10 minutes driving up and down rows of parked cars waiting for one to leave?

This is a miraculous world. We as human beings have the amazing power to think. To create an internal sequence of hypothetical events and sensations or review past perceptions of previous events. Later, we can create a thought about our future based on past circumstances and if we use just enough force or emotion we bring that hypothetical situation to fruition. This often times happens without a conscious decision to make it happen, i.e. we don’t realize how powerful we are!

Intention is like that, but when conscious of one’s power, a favorable outcome that supports joy and the souls journey can be manifest.  This knowledge is a signal, a lighthouse reminding one of a joyful place where the heart is at peace.  Reminding one that there is a better way to use our innate abilities. Its time to open the eyes to the methods that have been creating the apparent reality and decide.  Are you creating a living environment that you enjoy? Take note of your internal dialogue and the emotion that is infused into your thoughts. Become aware of the results. Recognition is always the first step to change.

If you wish for more enjoyment in your life, it is within your power, you already have the tools, you already have the practice. The next step is bringing consciousness into the practice.  Intentions are conscious decisions to shift reality. This power has been practiced and taught for ages, the knowledge passed through generations of mystics, yogis, meditation masters and healers.

“I intend to see the positive in each challenge I face,” “I choose to release judgments of my past,” “I open to the loving flow of life that surrounds me.” An intention has no limit, it is the power of each individual to notice what is not serving their highest good and decide to change it.

There are times when one chooses to face an obstacle that easily lifts and is removed from their path. There are other times when the obstacle is large, heavy, buried and needs extra time and effort before it is removed. There are many practices for releasing such blockages. Within the realm of intention setting it can be helpful to create a ceremony. First writing down the undesirable pattern, then the new intention. The first could be burned, buried or sent away with sea, while the intention could be placed on an altar, refrigerator, mirror or desk. It is helpful to have the intention in a visible place where it acts as a daily reminder of one’s positive choices. Also, flowing with the natural environment, there are certain times of year that support fresh outlooks such as the new moon, the new year and the spring equinox.

Intentions can also be created before doing healthy practices such as yoga, meditation, walking or exercising. While cultivating a healthy state the intention is also infused with new health. 

You have the innate ability, you have the knowledge, you have the choice.  Now’s your chance to start using intentions for something that lifts you higher. 

By Caitlin Aguero

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