Trusting in the universe and being at peace in the present moment, by Yandara graduate Kylie Price

Trusting in the universe and being at peace in the present moment, by Yandara graduate Kylie Price
8 May, 2015

It is easy enough to feel a resistance to the present moment and a longing for what has passed. When we have experienced the divine, we want to stay forever and embody every part of each moment that has brought us closer to a sense of connection with ourselves, our community and the world around us. When we physically leave a place and a community where we feel most at home, the satva we have so lovingly cultivated can feel tomasic, leaving us feeling out of balance. It is at this point that we could allow tomas guna to take charge but it is precisely this in-balance that we should be embracing. One of the most beautiful things about our very existence is our ability to feel. How divine it is to feel!

Evam eva jagat sarvam dagdham dhyaatvaa vi-kalpatah
an-anya-chetasah pumsah pum-bhaavah paramah bhavet

“Imagine the entire world consumed by flame.
Stay steady, do not waver,
As fire transmutes form into light.
The soul reveals itself
To itself as Radiance.” (The Radiance Sutras, No.30)

Cultivate a witness state, observe and listen with the deepest compassion. What do you see? What can you hear? When we are receptive and hold our feelings of in-balance or nostalgia close to our heart; when we feel as though the world is being consumed by a flame, are we able to be with ourselves, see the beauty of the flame and watch it dance, trusting in it’s light? Whether we have misplaced the car keys, missed the train or feel a deep sense of loss for something we feel we once had, the universe is holding us. If we take on the stance of feeling victim to the universe we may not notice the universe holding us, allowing for fear of the future and dissatisfaction with the past to breed. If we trust our intuition, we realize that all we need already resides within us. If we trust in the universe, we realize that everything is happening perfectly, even though it may not always feel so clear at the time. In moments of fear, anxiety and in-balance, allow yourself to feel, be the witness of each feeling and discover something about your mind, your body and your heart. Meditate, chant, play music, practice your favourite asanas, call upon a deity, make a love-filled meal for another, see the divine in every particle. Above all, allow yourself to feel and connect with the radiance meant for our very eyes, hearts and ears. It is only once we have stepped outside and observed the divine that we are able to see that the universe is patiently awaiting our realization of our own divinity.

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