Traveling Artistically

Traveling Artistically
15 February, 2014

As travelers you learn to share and to give, you learn to receive and to exchange love and light whereever you go.

By mixing with the locals, getting to know the people, and by the everyday travelers miracles, and the act of following our hearts, we found ourselves, three travelers and artists from different places in the world, cooperating and painting a mural together at Yandara. Sharing our love to the universe with great and kind people at the amazing environment of this great Yoga Institute.

By spending time in Baja California Sur, we felt connected more and more to the nature and the local wild life. We decided to mix in the mural this Baja feeling, spirituality and connection to our own travelers souls, and blend together the local sea turtle, and a mandala that came up from our hearts. The `rules` were to have fun, enjoy every moment, to enjoy the process more than the result, as everything in life, like learning a new skill or to improve ourselves in yoga.

Painting the mandala or “mandurtle” (half mandala-half turtle) was a great experience and adventure, the time we spent in Yandara was amazing! The good friends we met from staff and students, the awesome meals that were more or less the highlights of our days, and the great energy and positive vibes that surround this beautiful, peaceful place that spreads from the love of everyone in Yandara.

Thank you for sharing this great moment. This great chapter that added to our traveling stories. From here everything can happen, and we will drop ourselves into new adventures with more love and experience that we haved gained in Yandara.

By Ztook “Roadeer” and Shiho San
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