The Yoga Season Begins at Yandara Yoga

The Yoga Season Begins at Yandara Yoga
10 November, 2013

The yoga season is just beginning here at Yandara, Baja,Mexico. Students arriving wide eyed and curious, making themselves at home,while getting to know their fellow comrades on this journey, chatting abouttravels, families, jobs. To our surprise the students of the October/November trainingwere greeted with a refreshing rinse from Mother Nature.  A yin environment to the yang heat andsun the Baja has felt for the past few weeks, and sure to be one of the finalrains of the year.

 The students began clearing the throat chakra during thewelcoming gathering, with music and kirtan led by the Yandara musicians MercyAnanda and Shiva Das.  “Om GamGanapatiyei Namaha!” they chanted, invoking the self-confident energy of theelephant to remove any obstacles on their path to become a yoga teacher.

 The days at Yandara begin with yoga flow classes, elegantlylaced with teaching instruction. The lead trainers guide the students throughdifferent styles of yoga while mentioning what goes on in the background: theplanning, the intention, the heart that is put into creating and performing agreat yoga class. Morning flow seamlessly continues into a silent breakfastallowing for introspection and digestion, not only of the food but the conceptstheir minds have consumed. With their bellies satiated they return to their mats to delveinto posture and terminology breakdowns, always actively processing theteachings. 

Lunch is an exciting time as the smell of curry wafts down thepath to the kitchen, where a rainbow of foods await: salads, fish, vegetables, tofu,and an array of fruits. After lunch the students move on to a well-deserved rest,retreating to their tents, the ocean or staying awhile to mingle over a cup oftea.

 Afternoon classes awaken their energies with the opportunity topractice teaching with their peers. In these workshops they learn cues forentering and exiting specific yoga postures, hands on posture enhancements, aswell as workshops around sequencing, use of language, creating yoga playlists,and more. The result is an empowering experience that stimulates creativity andgrowth.

 Every other day, in the late afternoon, the students meettogether as a group for Satya, a supported, safe space to communicate from theheart. Between the beautiful scenery and caring atmosphere, Sayta becomes achance for many blockages and obstacles to be released and overcome.A satisfyingdinner replenishes the body and soul, often ending with a cup of tea and somefruit.

 These yoga-teachers-to-be end their transformational daysmeditating, singing, listening to stories, rejoicing and dancing past theirobstacles during the evening gatherings. Alas, they return to their humbleabodes for a well deserved rest as the ocean waves guide them to thedreamstate.

 Whether completing the 26 or 16 day training, the Yandarastudents express, learn, grow, improve, teach and transform into vibrant,present and skilled yoga instructors, ready to gracefully take the steps backhome to share their growth with the world.

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