Move & Breathe With Us – Gentle Yoga Flow

Hatha Yoga utilizes the technologies of Asana, Pranayama, Mudra, Bandha, and Meditation to harmonize the Moon and Sun energies within the body. A process that ultimately enlivens the dormant potential within know as the Kundalini. With this blog, we gift you a 15-Minute gentle hatha yoga flow!

Hatha Yoga

In the original Hatha Yoga, being an asana practitioner has nothing to do with impressive postures. Those may or may not come with time — a bonus to a dedicated practice. Instead, the practitioner, no matter how experienced, will show up with a beginner’s mind, knowing that there is always something new to learn. A gentle yoga flow has just as many benefits as a more physically demanding practice. The aim of every practice is to reach a place of deep balance and harmony. A truly advanced practitioner is unattached to the outcome of the practice, and always fully present to thoughts, feelings, emotions and sensations. They know that there is no final asana to master. The path of yoga is endless and being a yoga student is to be deeply curious about that endless path.

Mastery of Asana

T. Krishnamacharya, known as the grandfather of modern yoga, defined mastery of asana in these terms:

  • Sthira sukha is present, i.e. the practitioner applies equal amounts of strength and softness
  • The breath is smooth and controlled, and totally encompasses the movement, i.e. the breath initiates and completes each movement
  • The practitioner is attentive to the breath and focused on the process of the asana
  • The physical form of the asana is aligned correctly and feels good to the practitioner
  • These principles apply to every asana, gentle or demanding, classical or modified

Enjoy this gentle flow whenever you need a short break to reset your energy.

Join us for the base level 200hr YTT program or for the advanced 300hr YTT program and learn the principles of yoga practice! You are welcome to join a Yandara program if you plan to become a teacher, or if you simply want to deepen your own practice and understanding of yoga!

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