Spring a time for Forgiveness

Spring a time for Forgiveness
17 April, 2016

Let’s first turn inward and take a moment to work on forgiving ourselves. Find yourself a comfortable meditation seat and close your eyes. Begin to deepen your breath through long inhalations and exhalations. As you do this, bring your awareness to parts of your physical body that feel tight. Let your breath breathe into those areas of tension and gently release them.

Now take a moment to consider any hurts that may have happened recently or way back in the past. Are there any of these pains that might still be residing in your body? If so, feel into this area in your body where these emotional energies might be living and simply breathe into them. Allow what comes up to come up.

Now bring your attention to your heart center. How does it feel? See if you have any negative emotions that might be clouding your heart space. Breathe into and out of your heart chakra and let the breath release tension and constriction in this energy center. Imagine that your breath is full of love, soothing your heart and stroking it with total unconditional love and care. Now place your hands over your heart and send yourself more love. Forgive yourself for anything that needs forgiving, and send yourself all the blessings from your higher self – your Soul. Know that you are loved and being guided by the Universe and by your Soul. Know that you don’t need to be any different than you are now. Breathe into this inner knowing. Know that you are forgiven.

Now bring your attention to a person or situation that needs forgiving. Bring it into your heart and let yourself feel whatever arises. Does it feel tight? There’s no need to go into the story of this situation, simple feel the aefect of this resentment within you. Anger, hurt, humiliation, confusion, sadness – feel into any of these emotions and allow yourself to let them go. Accept the feeling of discomfort and breathe into it. Make space for it to flow.

With every breath, release the weight of this emotional burden. Your body wants to let it go, and now it can. Stay here for several moments as you feel the hurt softening. Take a moment to open yourself to a new, benevolent and loving energy coming into the same space where you’ve been holding your resentment. Pray for this graceful energy to come in and clear away any lingering stuck energy.

Now open your eyes. Do you feel lighter? Forgiveness is a powerful medicine for the soul. It’s time to move into the season with a spring in your step and a lightness of being. Open your heart to all the beauty that’s coming your way!

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