Slowing Down

Slowing Down
20 August, 2015

We live in a time when life moves loud and fast. Planes, trains and speedy cars whisk us away to our next destination. Television shows and infomercials blare from TV screens 24/7. It’s no wonder so many of us are drawn to the yogic path – one that celebrates silence and a shift in our daily rhythms. We don’t celebrate this slowing down enough in our modern lives, so let’s take a moment here to do just that.

Establish yourself in present moment awareness. It’s here in this place where we can intuitively know what needs to be done – or not done. It’s in the stillness where life happens, where we can really get in touch with reality – in the present moment.

What would it feel like to slow yourself down so much that you could really observe all the beautiful life that’s happening around you? What would it be like to take on the rhythm of slow-motion, where you could see the miracle of a flower blossoming, or the beauty of a fluffy white cloud taking form amidst a clear, blue sky?

Get really still and imagine that it’s in this slow-motion rhythm that miracles occur, where divine time creates all that exists. Now close your eyes and really feel what it’s like to immerse yourself in silence, and stillness. See if you can align the thoughts of your mind with the slow, slow pace of the divine rhythm of the universe.

You may find that when you get into this tortoise-like pace, life unfolds so much more naturally around you. You can sit back and watch with awe, rather than doing, doing, doing. You may also find that when you slow down and get silent, you actually have more time. Time expands, rather than contracting.

Simply drop into this quiet awareness from time to time and see what beauty unfolds as you align your own rhythm to the graceful pace of nature. 

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