Libido-Boosting Mystical Saffron Nut Milk Shake

Libido-Boosting Mystical Saffron Nut Milk Shake
22 May, 2015

Did you know that saffron, one of Ayurveda’s outstanding super food spices is also highly beneficial for your libido? It’s true! The delicate spice has been highly regarded as a potent aphrodisiac since time immemorial. Cultivated from the flower saffron crocus, the exotic saffron is the queen bee of sexy spices known to support your sex organs and rev up your love life. It’s also believed to treat mild depression. If you happen to have a tendency towards feeling blue, feeling overcome with melancholy, feeling exhausted, or feeling like you need an exotic pick-me-up in the boudoir, this saffron-enriched elixir is for you.

Grown in India, Iran and Spain, saffron is one of the most intoxicating, uplifting, and mysterious spices of them all. It’s also the most expensive. For a rejuvenating, aphrodisiac elixir, give the following recipe a go:

Mystical Saffron Nut Milk Shake

What you need:

20 raw almonds, soaked in water for 2-3 hours

½ teaspoon saffron threads

5 Medjool dates, soaked for 2-3 hours

2 cups almond milk

a pinch of another Ayurvedic super spice – turmeric

a dash of ground cinnamon

½ cup ice

What to do:

Soak your almonds for 2-3 hours. Then drain and peel them and discard the peels. Soak dates for 2-3 hours and remove seeds. Soak saffron threads in the almond milk  for thirty minutes to release its sensual aroma. Place all these ingredients in your blender and blend until you have a luscious, creamy, frothy shake.

This one is best served in the hot summer months for its rejuvenating and cooling effects. Chill a couple of glasses in your freezer and serve immediately. Sip under the warm, summer sun. Enjoy!    

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