Intention for the New Year, by Yandara graduate Jennifer David

Intention for the New Year, by Yandara graduate Jennifer David
18 January, 2015

The time of year has rolled around again where we may find ourselves resolving to make a new commitment. The famous “New Years Resolution”. 

Of course, resolutions are made in hopes of being able to overcome something, or to let something go. Whether it’s to have more patience (letting go of impatience), become more in tune with your yoga practice (perhaps a stronger dedication to a home practice), or to simply set an intention to become more present (letting go of living in the future), are all examples of positive intentions.

Intentions are powerful ways you can use your mind, thoughts, and energy to manifest your future. All while living right now.

Becoming mindful every day, that certain things will always be out of our control.

The power is always within us on how we react to the world and energy around us. 

This is where living a life of compassion can certainly come in handy. We mustn’t allow other peoples insecurities, judgements, or negative energy patterns spill over on to us- living with compassion truly means to simply observe. Observe other people without judgement.

More importantly, we must observe ourselves with that same love. To not pass judgement, to not ridicule, or ever be too hard on ourselves. Set realistic intentions of living this way, and that goal will never become too lofty.

We can sometimes forget just how much influence we have on ourselves. Its sometimes easy to blame the world, or others, for our resolutions not coming to fruition. This is where trust comes in to the equation. Trust yourself enough that your intention is pure and very powerful. 

Part of truly trusting ourselves is realizing that everything we once did, let us exactly to this moment. And it’s perfect. It’s exactly as it should be. All of the choices, the learning lessons, and the investments we have made have led us to right now.

Living life right now is as simple as not worrying about a moment from yesterday that can impact our day, or future. Moreover, its also not worrying about what may happen tomorrow if you don’t do something today.

Each day is a gift, and it’s truly all we really have. How silly and presumptuous of ourselves to ever live with worrisome thoughts of the future? Living with intention is investing in ourselves every day. For that single day.

The quality of sleep you give yourself, the way your start the nourishment of your body everyday, getting on to your mat and going through a moving mediation are all things that will help intentions manifest.

Surrounding yourself by like-minded individuals will only further allow you to live your life to your fullest vibration. We have all heard the saying “it’s easier together”. It’s also better together, we are all one individual living a life in this beautiful human experience.

Just like the journey of practicing yoga, much like life- it is never over. Neither are our abilities to trust, evolve, and live with intention in the present moment all the way into the New Year.

by Jennifer David

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