Igniting your Spark

Igniting your Spark
2 September, 2016

What We Think, We Become. –Buddha

The only thing holding you back is your thought that you are not capable, not enough, not able to achieve your goals.  But what if today is the day that you start believing so much in yourself that there was no doubts, no questions any longer.  Just your existence is a miracle! 

The only terrain we are overcoming is our limited view of ourselves. –Joe Dispenza

To move new energy, new vitality, new vibration into your field take one step at a time.  Don’t self judge or put extra pressure on yourself, just do what feels right and day by day give yourself whatever you need to move toward your dreams.

These are ways to increase pleasure, joy and creativity into your life in order to manifest what you want.

  • Self Expression-do something that increases your glow, your light and vibration; painting, crafts, photography, etc.

  • Physical Activity– move your body! Change up your yoga practice with some new arm balances, fun music or dance flow.   

  • Surround yourself with Positivity– the best way to get inspired is by being around people that support your dreams and love you no matter what. From that safe, loving space – dream big!

  • GENEROSITY– Give something to someone! A gift, a compliment, a smile, your time, your love – generosity is one of the greatest gifts you can give in life.  

  • Try something new– whether it’s experiencing a new culture or activity and open your heart and mind to the world in a way you have never experienced before!

  • Go OUTSIDE– nature is our greatest teacher, healer and friend. Look at the details.  Look deeply into each plant, flower, creature, tree and water.  How much depth does life have? How magical can you allow creation to be?

There is a vitality, a life force that is translated through you into action.  And because there is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique, and if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and be lost. –Martha Graham

Live deliberately.  Live your purpose.  Give your gift to the world!

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