Have you ever wondered about Ayurveda and your Dosha?

Have you ever wondered about Ayurveda and your Dosha?
8 December, 2015

Ayurveda is the science of life – that’s what Ayurveda is often described as: 

It’s a means of connecting to nature and her natural rhythms. Ayurveda is an ancient healing tradition that’s been practiced for thousands of years and remains at the forefront of natural medicine even today – not only in India, but across the globe.

The essence of Ayurvedic medicine is this: Human beings aren’t separate from the natural world. To have health and to heal, we must sync up with Mother Nature’s rhythms, and when we do this, we can thrive in a modern world that’s more and more separated from nature every day.

Ayurveda is all about eating our ecosystem. It believes that there exists three primary growing seasons – winter, summer and spring. The three doshas, or body-mind constitutions Vata, Pitta and Kapha, are deeply related to these three seasons. Learning about your dosha can lead to surprising insights about not only your physical health, but also your personality, mental tendencies, and emotions.

Vata is the dosha related to winter, and has the cold, dry qualities of the season. Vata is space and air. If you have a lot of vata dosha, you probably have dry skin, thinner hair, and a nervous system that has trouble calming down. But you’re also incredibly creative and full of enthusiastic energy. Your body requires a regular movement practice on a daily basis to balance the system.

Pittas are the summer dosha – hot, fiery and intense. Related to the fire and water elements, they act as the alchemists, the dosha of transformation. Pitta types typically have intense eyes, sharp minds, and intellectual fervor. They’re athletic and competitive, and sometimes a bit overbearing. If you’re a pitta, you probably love a good argument.

The Kapha dosha is the constitution of spring and the water and earth elements. With all the rain and mud of spring, Kaphas often become congested and overweight when out of balance. They’re mellow types, with warm and loving dispositions. Rather than competing in extreme sports they’d rather be taking a walk in nature. However, kaphas need vigorous movement to stay balanced, so those vinyasa yoga sessions are good for kapha dosha.

The thing is, we all have a little bit of each dosha in us, although most people tend towards one or two. In Ayurveda, prakriti is the word used to describe constitution and it’s actually formed during conception. We didn’t choose the way we are, but with the tools of Ayurveda, we can work to balance our unique constitutions in order to lead more balanced, healthy lives.

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