Finding the Best Yoga Teacher Training Resource

Finding the Best Yoga Teacher Training Resource
14 December, 2015

One of the best yoga teacher training resource sites is Google of course! Where you can find lots of information on Yoga Teacher Training Programs. You can also find more detailed information by searching Find a Yoga Teacher Training or subject you are wanting, like Yin Yoga Teacher Training for those wanting to spend their yoga lessons on the sand look for, Beach Yoga Teacher Training.

For the top programs go to the Best Yoga Teacher Training around!  If you’re on a budget you can find the Cheapest Yoga Teacher Training right here.

Yoga Alliance is is the largest non-profit yoga organization in the world and the one that decides whether or not a yoga teacher training program is accredited. This foundation supports and promotes the research and education of yoga throughout the world. If you’re interested in exploring the world of yoga, this site is a good place to start.

Another place to look for anything related to yoga teacher training is Yoga Journal. This is an article about How to Choose a Yoga Teacher Training You’ll find an endless array of yoga teacher training resources like How to Asses a Yoga Teacher Training. Listings for yoga schools, yoga workshops, yoga retreats and yoga teacher trainings can be found here, as can instructional videos and a wonderful library of yoga and wellness articles. Yoga Journal is the largest yoga publication in the world with a hard copy yoga magazine as well as an online version.

Elephant Journal, an online publication is yet another popular yoga resource. Here are some great articles on Elephant Journal about Yoga Teacher Training. These are all recommended articles to read before your training including the Value of Yoga Teacher Training, you’ll find loads and loads of yoga teacher training lifestyle articles, many of which are written by practicing yoga instructors on Elephant Journal. You’ll also find articles about green living, meditation, Buddhism, yoga philosophy and wellness.  

And, what if you’re looking to enroll in a yoga teacher training and would rather not search blindly on google? At Book Yoga Retreats, you’ll find an extensive list of yoga teacher trainings and yoga schools that offer accredited yoga certifications. It’s sometimes difficult to know where to look for a yoga teacher training, and this is a good website that offers up lots of information for yoga teacher trainings around the world, including price, location, dates, etc.

Yandara Yoga Institute is always available to help answer any of your questions.  Sometimes contacting the Yoga Teacher Trainer themselves and talking to former students is a great way to gather information as well. Good luck on your search and welcome to the exciting world of all things Yoga!!
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