Day 2, by Kristy Alpert

Day 2, by Kristy Alpert
8 September, 2015

Today I instructed my first yoga student ever (well, aside from the times I awkwardly “guided” my husband and unsuspecting friends as my practice pupils). And, you know what? I didn’t fall flat on my face! The world didn’t end. And my “student” can still walk.

The schedule was the same as before, yoga followed by breakfast, etc., but today was the first time I actually felt like I was well on the path to teaching classes and making adjustments in students. It was amazing to realize that, even though I’ve been to numerous classes before and have heard the words, “Come to the front of the mat,” “Reach through the crown of your head,” “Lengthen through the spine,” etc., that I had never said them out loud before. It was an odd sensation to stumble over words I have become so familiar with hearing, but it was also oddly freeing and empowering to know what to say and when to say it.

While everything is still pretty new, Yandara obviously knows what they’re doing. We partnered up and practiced running through a few warm-ups and asanas. Yes, I was incredibly awkward and tongue-tied, and, at one point while I was instructing my partner into child’s pose, I definitely even said, “hit your forehead to the ground … I mean, don’t smack it, but make sure it touches … um, you know what I mean, right? Like, let your forehead kiss the mat …” It was then my gracious partner chimed in and chuckled, “I think you’re trying to say to rest my forehead on the mat, right?”

The training has been incredibly uplifting, and it’s remarkable to start seeing everyone’s strengths shine through after only two days of knowing each of them. I had expected and hoped that I would be making progress each day toward getting better at speaking and instructing, but I had no idea I would also be making such fast relationships with some truly compassionate and remarkable people.

Tip of the day: Bring layers. Even in 70-80 degree heat, the humidity here has made for some surprisingly chilly afternoons and evenings. I’ve gone from tank tops to wraps to hoodies in a matter of hours. 

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