Day 14, by Kristy Alpert

Day 14, by Kristy Alpert
21 September, 2015

I taught my first successful 70-minute class today. Not only was I not nervous, but the time flew by and I felt pretty great about what I was able to put together. It’s so strange to think how just 14 days ago I would have hid in a corner if someone had asked me to teach for 70 minutes straight, butterflies fluttering within my belly at the thought of getting in front of a classroom full of people. But as I taught my partner one-on-one today I was surprisingly at ease, knowing I had confidence in what I was doing.

It also helped that I was teaching one of the girls that I had connected with most since I’ve been in Bali. Hehe. Regardless of who I was teaching though, the atmosphere that’s developed over the past two weeks has gotten so raw and laid back that almost everything falls into place as if by nature.

Originally I had thought I would get back home and take some time to prepare and unwind after this training before jumping in to teaching, but I’m already drafting up an email to my local studio asking if they have any opportunities for me to sub in or even teach a free beginners class so I can dive right in to teaching.

It’s amazing what putting yourself out there and stretching yourself (pun intended) can do. I’ve surprised myself and I’m so glad I came to Bali for this training. I feel like I’m becoming more true to myself every day, and regaining the parts of me I’ve lost throughout the years (confidence, emotion, etc.).

Only two days to go!

Packing tip of the day: Shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. The hotel offers blow dryers (but I’m pretty sure no one has used one even once since it’s been so humid and we’re all wearing our hair in ponytails and buns throughout the day), but shampoo, conditioner, and body wash are scarce. Definitely bring enough of each to last you through the 16 days.    

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