Day 13, by Kristy Alpert

Day 13, by Kristy Alpert
16 September, 2015

Sundays have become sacred for us. The four hours of free time somehow have managed to come when we all most need them. Today offered a chance to get off the resort, explore interests aside from yoga, and even experience some of the local culture.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still not yoga’d out (I’m looking forward to teaching more than ever now), but the Sunday breaks have been such a nice way to keep the mix alive throughout the week. A handful of the group tried surfing for the first time and others gave nasi goring a shot at a local restaurant. While some sipped on fresh coconut water from bowling ball sized produce, others of us got dressed in our “Balinese best” to attend a very bespoke new moon ceremony at the local temple.

It’s been so cool to feel like we’re a part of the tiny little community here in our slice of Bali. It’s such a small town, and just by going on a morning run every day, I’ve gotten to know the names of four or five locals, and they call me by name as I swiftly run passed them to the sound of crowing roosters early each morning. It’s such a beautiful thing to know and be known when so far from home.

Even though the training is short (13 days have flown by), I feel like I’ll forever have a piece of Bali with me through the memories I’ve made traipsing the terrain and getting to know my surroundings.

Packing tip of the day: Sarong. There are temples all around Bali, and even if you don’t plan to visit any before or after your stay, it’s a great idea to have a scarf or sarong with you to cover your legs or shoulders in the off chance you’ll get to attend one of the local ceremonies or visit one of the famous temples. But if you forget to bring one, like I did, I can recommend a place nearby where you can get an inexpensive souvenir for around 200,000 rupiah!    

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