Day 11, by Kristy Alpert

Day 11, by Kristy Alpert
13 September, 2015

Although there aren’t any official graded tests during the teacher training with Yandara, there are a few times where we’ve been reviewed on our teaching styles. Today marked the first wave of teaching a 70-minute one-on-one class.

We paired up with a buddy and each mapped out a different class flow to teach the other person. Today I got to be the student while my amazing partner coached me through a warm up, a series of sun salutations, a few balance poses, some great back bends and forward bends, and she even got me in a full handstand for a good minute or so before ending with a relaxing savasanah.

Every pair taught at the same time so that there was no pressure of being in front of 20 people while trying to make it through teaching a 70-minute class. During the session, the instructors walked around and took notes and answer questions if anyone needed anything.

Once everyone finished, we sat in a circle and gave feedback and encouragement while the instructors offered up their insights and tips. Although a few people were pretty nervous about preparing and teaching for a full 70 minutes, just about everyone mentioned how fast the time went by and how much easier it was than they had expected.

It’s already so evident that we’re being prepared well to teach some extraordinary (and safe!) classes, and it was crazy to hear the stories of how most people didn’t think they would be able to fill the time, but ended up meeting the buzzer almost as soon as they had their partner rise from savasanah.

Wish me luck for when I teach in a few days!

Packing tip of the day: Music. During the teaching today, some of the students used their iPhones to help guide their partner into a deeper savasanah with soothing music. It’s a great idea to load your smart phone or iPad up with some nice yoga music before you come just in case!

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