Day 1, by Kristy Alpert

Day 1, by Kristy Alpert
8 September, 2015

The morning started off with a gentle Vinyasa flow session in the yoga hut, before we headed off to breakfast in the restaurant. All meals during the Yandara teacher training are vegetarian (with the exception of a few nights of fish, from what I’ve heard), and served buffet style. The all-Balinese staff was ready for us when we walked in with platters of hard-boiled eggs, toast, fresh oatmeal with soymilk and almond milk, and three types of local fruits. I thought I’d miss my morning coffee, but the ginger tea was the perfect wake-me-up after a serene morning yoga session.

After breakfast we made our way back to the yoga hut with our notepads and pens for philosophy, where Craig Perkins explained to us the history of yoga and what it means today in our westernized cultures. The session was eye opening, even after having read the texts and knowing a bit of the history on my own, and it was amazing to be apart of a group so actively interested to learn more and ask questions.

Lunch followed with another round of local dishes and fresh salads and fruits. Then it was back to the hut for teacher training. We practiced speaking in front of a class and giving a first impression, and, while I wish I could give the secrets of the session away (you have to attend a training for the full experience), I can say with confidence that we all left feeling encouraged, motivated, and challenged.

We headed straight to dinner after the training, still in our yoga gear, nailing home the fact that I way overpacked by thinking I would dress up for dinners. Great conversation followed by a bit of time for showering and getting ready to head back to the yoga hut for satsang and silent journaling.

To be honest, I thought the schedule sounded rigorous when I first checked in, but the day flew by and I already felt like I had made friendships that will last after the last of us heads home. The day in itself was a journey into self-discovery, and, while we listened to the night creatures serenade us into a deep savasana, I couldn’t help but think about how, if I had already experienced so much in just day one, then I can’t wait to see the person I am on day 16. 

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