The Chefs at Yandara

The Chefs at Yandara
19 May, 2013

A pleasant surprise to most who attend Yandara is the quality of the food. The chefs at Yandara are nothing short of miraculous – cooking with love and good vibration they produce meals and a meal plan designed to nourish any teacher in training. The cuisine is healthy, tasty, inspiring and abundant. A few favorites include quinoa and spinach patties, grated papaya salad, couscous with curried vegetables, traditionally stuffed poblano chilies, fresh grilled fish, lentil soup, tortillas with fresh black beans, beet and arugula salad and the famous homemade toasted and roasted granola. All meal plans, allergies and requests are accommodated – vegan, gluten free and vegetarian are a specialty.

Comments from around the table include:

“I love meal time.”

“This is the best salad dressing I’ve ever had.”

“My mom thought I might starve at yoga camp – not a chance this is fabulous.”

“I snuck trail mix in my bag because I thought I might get hungry – I’ll be taking it home.”

“I need this recipe.”

“This is the best food ever.”

“I had no idea the food was going to be this good.”

“I never crave snacks here – I am fulfilled.”

“I am going for seconds.”

“I appreciate the fresh fruit and hot tea that is always available.”

“The aroma of the homemade granola toasting got my mouth watering.”

“I so enjoy the homemade salsas, dressings and sauces.”

“I enjoy having my meals made and cleaned up for me – it allows me to focus on my practice.”

If you have attended Yandara please post a comment and/or photo about your favorite dish – and if you are planning to attend Yandara know that you are in for a yogi foodie experience like no other!

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