A Philosophy and Guide for the Intuitive Yoga Teacher

An excerpt from the book by Craig Perkins and Amiee Hughes

Welcome to the Path.

Teachers of yoga are intuitively tapping into something mysterious and profound.

A transformational life force.

One that’s present within each and every one of us.

When we practice yoga, we gain access to a wondrous system of physical movement that transforms us in infinite ways. Yoga changes our bodies. It changes our minds. It even touches our souls.

The exciting thing is this: all the tools of yoga are at your disposal and ready for the taking.

With a deep respect for the yoga tradition, and a heartfelt intention for your work, you can bring real health and happiness to your students. You can inspire. You can change lives. You can be this teacher. In fact, you will. Because…

The path is graciously unfolding before you.

While most of us are aware of the transformative effects of yoga, do we really understand the why and how of its inner workings? New yoga teachers typically become inspired by a gifted mentor or teacher. They proceed to emulate their teacher’s style in some way, in hopes of providing a similar experience for their own students.

However, without understanding how and why these results are achieved, they often miss the subtle influences that create the beneficial experience of a yoga class. These writings will explain in western terms how yoga works, because we need to understand all aspects of yoga in order to be the best teachers we can possibly be. We are endeavoring to achieve the balance of body wisdom, awareness and sensitivity with classic alignment and queuing. We have developed this based on years of observing what is most effective in terms of safety and moving people effectively into poses that will be most beneficial for them.

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