A 5-Minute Office Yogi Sequence

A 5-Minute Office Yogi Sequence
20 August, 2015

For most of us, practicing yoga on the beach isn’t an every day occurrence. While we dream of spending more time at Yandara retreat centers – practicing yoga, meditating, and taking long walks on the beach, the realities of life often dictate otherwise.

We probably spend more hours of the day than we’d like, seated at a desk, hunched over a computer, or squinting into a tiny piece of technology. Such is life these days, and rather than begrudging this fact, we can simply take little nourishing breaks throughout the day to give our bodies and minds a little love as we do our work in this  technologically-centered world.

Love Your Hands

Our poor hands take on so much stress from hours and hours of typing on miniscule devices all day. It’s super important to take some breaks throughout the day to give your hands a good dose of self-care. To do this, begin by stretching the fingers of one hand wide apart. Then massage the webbing in between each finger – beginning between the thumb and forefinger and moving outward. Now do the same for your other hand. Shake out both hands vigorously. This is great for circulation and relieving stress in the hands.

Now, take both arms directly out in front of you, pull the shoulders down and back, and simply rotate the wrists, first in one direction, and then the other. Again, shake the hands out briskly. Last, place the hands into prayer position and press the palms firmly into each other, keeping the shoulder blades pressing into one another as you do this.

Lastly, take the arms overhead and shake out the hands once more. This time shake it all out – the hands, wrists forearms and even the shoulders. Rest your hands on your thighs and feel the positive effects of this simple hand reboot before going back to your work.

Eagle Arms

While sitting with your back straight on the edge of your chair, take your arms into eagle pose, breathing into the mid-back as you hold the pose for 5-7 deep inhalations and exhalations. Now widen the legs, and with your arms still in eagle pose, fold forward towards the floor. Feel the neck and head hang and release tension. Breathe here for a few breaths then return to an upright position. Switch your eagle arms to the second side and do this exercise again.

Twist It Out

A seated twist is perfect to practice while working in the office. It doesn’t look terribly weird and you won’t draw any unwanted attention from your co-workers. For the seated twist, swing your legs over to the left side of your chair and move over to that side of your chair. Place your left hand on the far side of your chair back and your right hand on the near side of your chair back. Be sure to drop the shoulders down your back, and then with your left hand press the chair back away ever so slightly while pulling on the chair back with your right hand. On the inhale elongate your spine, while twisting deeper on your exhale. Remain here as long as you like, breathing deeply. Then switch to the second side.

1-Minute Meditation

To close, come to the front of your chair and place the palms of your hands on the thighs. Close your eyes and take four deep inhales and exhales. Open your eyes and smile, bowing to yourself in gratitude for taking a quick time out for a little self-care at the office.

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