6 Benefits of Becoming a Yoga Teacher

6 Benefits of Becoming a Yoga Teacher
20 February, 2016

  1. Your own practice will soar to new heights

It’s a given that your own personal yoga practice will soar to higher heights. You get to go through at least one, if not many yoga teacher trainings, which invite you to deepen and enhance your personal yoga practice in amazing ways. The more you teach, the more you’ll rely upon your own committed practice to move you forward as a teacher. If you want to walk further and further down the path of yoga, becoming a teacher is the best and most exciting way to do it!

  1. You’ll get healthier & happier

Most people spend their working hours in front of a computer – shoulders hunched forward, hips getting tighter by the minute, lower back becoming tighter and tighter – you get the idea. Human beings weren’t designed to sit in chairs or in cars and planes for hours on end. We were meant to move our bodies – all the time. As a yoga teacher, you get to do just that. You get to be embodied all the time, while learning tips and tricks to manage your energy in the most efficient way possible. Because you’ll want to set an example for your students, you’ll talk the healthy talk and walk the healthy walk. Your body, mind and spirit will become healthier as each year passes, rather than the other way around.

  1. You’re helping the world be a better place!

You know, through firsthand experience that yoga can only make lives better. Physical health improves, mental health improves, and a spiritual practice becomes vital. In a nutshell, yoga makes for healthier human beings and a healthier planet. Sharing your love for yoga, and acting as a guide for others is the kind of work that keeps on giving. By the looks on your students faces at the end of a yoga class, you’ll know in your heart that you’re serving others and doing really good work in the world – which makes you sleep well at night knowing that you’re making a difference.

  1. You can travel the WORLD

Yoga is portable. You can be a location independent yoga teacher if freedom’s your middle name. People flock to yoga classes in almost every corner of the globe now, so you can move around as much as you like with your new yoga career. No need to feel stuck for decades in one place. Many yoga teachers are also travelers, free spirits, gypsy souls – which makes the portability of the yoga career an added bonus.

  1. Your evolution is inevitable

If you’re walking the yoga path, you know that your evolution is key living a fulfilled life. In becoming a yoga teacher you get to fulfill this destiny. You get to evolve as a human being with each year that passes. As a yoga teacher you’ll become more confident and full of self-love. You’ll evolve in ways you never knew were possible.

  1. You get to make money doing what you love

How many people really, truly LOVE their jobs? It seems only the lucky few have found a career that nourishes them on all levels – body, mind and soul. While any career has its challenges, its good and bad, its ups and downs, the yoga teaching career is one of the most nourishing ones out there. You get to share with others a tradition that you love so much and believe in. Once you start teaching, it’s highly likely you’ll never look back. Most yoga teachers feel blessed to teach others and earn a living in the process.  

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