5 Tips for Getting Back to Yoga

5 Tips for Getting Back to Yoga
30 March, 2016

But the beauty of seasons is that they come and go … and they offer the chance to start fresh all over again. 

Yoga meets you where you are, so getting back into your yoga practice can actually be as simple as deciding to start fresh wherever you are in your current season. 

Here are 5 tips on getting re-started with your yoga practice:

1. Be forgiving. The first step in getting back on the mat is forgiving yourself for getting off of it in the first place. This means letting go of the “why” and moving forward with the “now.” No matter your reason for taking a break, the important thing is that you’re making a change now.

2. Be patient. Just because you’re wearing the same pants and same shirt on the same mat doesn’t mean you’ll immediately be able to handle your same routine right away. The last thing you want to do is injure your body by taking things too fast. Be patient with your body and take time to enjoy the process of feeling your body slowly change as you work your way back to a regular routine.

3. Be accepting. It doesn’t do any good to think about the body you had before the pregnancy, the flexibility you had before the injury, or even the time you had before starting your new job. Things change, and even though change may not be easy all the time, it is an inevitability in life that we need to accept. Adopt an attitude of acceptance, and realize that your body and time may not always be where they are right now, so accept and enjoy what you have in this present moment.

4. Be creative. Going directly back to what you did before taking a break may lead to burnout. Get creative with your practice by trying a new class. Try a restorative, yin or meditative class. Practicing at a different time of day than you’re used to, or even getting a little change of environment with a new studio or just redecorating your own yoga space at home. Sometimes a new scent or new outfit can do just the trick to ignite inspiration and excitement for your practice!

5. Be intentional. Think back on what originally brought you to yoga when you first started out, then write that down and look at that piece of paper any time you need a little inspiration. You may need to set an alarm to remind yourself it’s time to hit the mat or even keep a journal of your progress to keep yourself encouraged and motivated to keep with it.

What things have helped you get back into the practice after taking some time off?

By Kristy Alpert

Kristy Alpert is a freelance writer, editor and alumni of Yandara Yoga Institute, with extensive experience covering travel, food, and lifestyle topics. She also writes about luxury living, health/fitness, sustainable living, business, and human interest matters. Kristy Alpert has won numerous awards for her writing, and has written for a variety of publications and clients, most notably Food & WineEsquire, Men’s HealthMSNAFAR, NY Daily NewsAmerican WayHemispheres, AT&T, Purina, and HP. Along with her passion for journalistic storytelling. 

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