5 Mental and Psychological Benefits of Yoga

5 Mental and Psychological Benefits of Yoga
27 December, 2014

Usually, the benefits that pop up in most people’s references to yoga practice are physiological, for instance reduced stiffness in the muscles that leads to muscles that are more flexible. Often little is talked about when it comes to the mental and psychological benefits of practicing yoga. Several studies have been conducted to investigate how effective yoga is to the health of the human brain and some outstanding feedback has come out. Having said this, the following section highlights the five mental benefits gained from practicing yoga.

  1. Improved Mental and Psychological Well-Being

Sometimes you may feel stressed, tense or like the whole world is on your shoulders. Yoga might just be what you need to get rid of these harmful feelings. Yoga is a practice that involves concentration on the body and breath and hence it is a good way of soothing one’s mind as well as relieve any worries. Through the help that is provided with discharging of stress and tension, practicing yoga can help keep a person free from a whole lot of negative elements. In the process this person practicing yoga is in a better position to achieve that healthy-looking psychological health than those who don’t.

  1. Yoga Reduces Depression and Anxiety

The practice of yoga consists of a number of activities that range from relaxation and meditation to socialization and exercise. These activities make yoga a very helpful way of reducing depression and anxiety. This is possible through the help yoga affords in regulation of one’s system of responding to stress. Yoga has the ability to reduce blood pressure, lower the heart rate as well as enhance respiration and in the process helps deal with depression and anxiety without the need to resort to pricey treatments and or medications.

  1. Yoga is a Memory and Concentration Booster

Lack of concentration is common in individuals with lots of things on their minds – busy individuals. Yoga can just be your way out of this reduced concentration levels. This practice has been proven to be effective in enhancing memory as well as concentration of the person doing it. Yoga practice involves concentration activities and these are actually the best way in which senses can be calmed and mind cleared. Through practicing concentration, your head is cleared and your mind can focus. Having a focused mind will help you concentrate, remember things as well as improve your performance.

  1. Yoga Helps Curb the Onset of Mental Disorders

The onset of mental problems is very prevalent during the adolescent stages of an individual’s life. It has become necessary to device ways in which these mental conditions can be prevented following the increased number of teenagers diagnosed with psychological disorders. One major way to handle this situation is through practicing yoga. Yoga has been proven to be helpful in inducing better moods, reduced anxiety and tension levels, better control of anger, enhanced resilience and mindfulness – which are just a few of the many factors that can help in preventing onset of psychological disorders in young adolescent people.

  1. Yoga Helps Reduce the Effects of Trauma

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is common with ex-soldiers who have been in war zones with combatant enemies or sometimes women who have experienced some form of abuse. This mental disorder is usually accompanied by flashbacks and nightmares. There are some patients who have proven to be non-responsive to contemporary pharmacological and mental treatments of PTSD. In such cases, research shows that Hatha yoga can be an effective way of reducing symptoms related to PTSD. In this regard, yoga might just be the answer to getting rid of traumatic experiences.    

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