4 Ways Essential Oils Can Enhance Your Meditation and Yoga Practice

4 Ways Essential Oils Can Enhance Your Meditation and Yoga Practice
9 January, 2016

Essential Oils are wonderful additions to these important elements in your meditation and yoga practice:

  1. Ground Down – root/sacral/solar plexus

Grounding into the body, and into the self, is the most important first step to any Yoga or Meditation practice, in my opinion. Our lower chakras require grounding, in order for our upper chakras to be able to fully open. If you are grounded in your body, your mind is free to let go, and you receive, which is one of the main goals of Yoga and Meditation. There are many essential oils that can assist in facilitating the grounding process, such as, Vetiver, Grounding Blend (Balance), Cedarwood, Myrrh, or Basil. When we feel grounded, safe, stable, and secure, we are able to fully surrender, which is crucial for any transformation through Meditation or Yoga. In order to let go, we must feel safe. Essential oils are extremely helpful when grounding down, empowering our sense of safety and security, connecting us to the Earth and ourselves. Since they are made of Earth, they are one of the most effective ways to truly ground down and connect to Earth.

  1. Center in – heart

Now that you are grounded into your body and the earth, you need to center into yourself. Feel your heart beat, feel your breath, and connect to the reason for whatever your practice may be. Since the lower chakras are grounded, the heart feels safe to open. You can allow yourself to be vulnerable. Vulnerability can be one of the largest obstacles to receiving the benefits of Yoga and Meditation, but essential oils help fully support this important process. Ylang Ylang, Joyful Blend (Elevation), Geranium, Peppermint, and Ginger are just a few of the essential oils that can help you truly center in. Rub them on your heart, and center in!

  1. Open up – throat/third eye

You are grounded, centered in, and now able to fully open up. I believe that with every Yoga and Meditation practice, we are cultivating something for ourselves. We have a reason for being called to practice. Now that you are grounded, safe, supported, centered in, and vulnerable, you are free to open up! In order to receive anything, we must let go. You can’t walk through a door that is closed, unless you open it, just as nothing can enter your Spirit, unless you are open to receiving. Opening up to receiving the benefits of Yoga or Meditation practice can be easier said than done, so thankfully, Mother Earth loves to support opening and her gift of essential oils empower us to fully open up. Essential oils such as Frankincense, Eucalyptus, Bergamot, Lemongrass and Patchouli are just a few of the essential oils that can help you to open up. Rub directly on your throat or the back of your neck to truly surrender and open up!

  1. Receive – third eye/crown

Receive all that YOU are worthy of! Yes, for whatever reason it may be, you are choosing to practice Yoga and/or Meditation in order to receive something. Whether you are called to your Yoga mat to let light into your body, or to your meditation cushion to invite quiet in your mind, whatever it may be, you wish to receive something. You may not even know what that is, but there is clearly a reason for your practice, otherwise you wouldn’t be doing it.   It is through the third eye and crown chakra that we are able to receive the benefits of Yoga and Meditation. Since the lower chakras have now been grounded, centered, and opened, the upper chakras are free to illuminate and receive whatever it is you are meant to receive. Since receiving can often be a very difficult task, especially for those who tend to give, essential oils assist our third eye and crown chakra in opening up to fully receive from above. Sandalwood, Helichyrsum, Rosemary, Juniper Berry, Clary Sage, Frankincense and Wintergreen are some of the best essential oils for receiving. You can rub directly onto your third eye center in between your eyebrows (be careful not to get it in your eyes!), or on your crown directly on the top of your head. Then, just simply surrender and RECEIVE all that YOU are worthy of!



Rachel Short (RYT) is a Holistic Healer, Reiki Master Teacher, Yoga and Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga Leader, Wanderlust Festival Wayfarer Ambassador, AromaTouch Practitioner, and soon to be Rabbi, located on the Big Island of Hawai’i. Rachel has devoted her life to helping all Beings find natural healing, unity and spirituality, and raising the consciousness vibration of our planet. She is a proud graduate of Yandara Yoga Institute and now has the immense honor of being able to assist in leading their Big Island trainings. Find out more about Rachel on www.NamaStandUp.com or http://wanderlust.com/partners/rachel-short/.

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