4 reasons to become a yin yoga teacher

4 reasons to become a yin yoga teacher
18 June, 2016

  1. You relieve your students’ stress

Yin yoga is one of the most powerful yoga practices out there when it comes to easing both chronic and acute stress. We all know what an incredible toll stress takes on our life when it takes over, and many of us don’t know where to turn when we’re in that frenzied state of fight-or-flight. We’re way too high strung to sit and meditate but easing into a yin yoga practice is by far more doable than sitting on the meditation cushion when stress levels have skyrocketed. By giving your students the gift of yin yoga, you’re giving them a powerful practice to put in their yogi’s toolbox when life gets rough. The ability to ease stress without turning to a pharmaceutical pill or shot of alcohol is priceless.

  1. You teach the art of stillness

When we hold yin poses for long periods of time, the mind naturally begins to calm. Those much beloved gaps between thoughts begin to occur, which creates space for healing to take place. Getting really still in a pose is the perfect antidote to the fast pace of modern life and even the fast pace of a dynamic yoga practice. The art of stillness is a hard one for us to learn these days, what with our laptops, cell phones, ipads and other electronic devices, when does the constant stimulation ever stop? But it does during a yin yoga class, and that’s where the magic happens.

  1. You improve prana flow in your students’ bodies

Yoga is all about prana – that subtle life force energy that’s moving about in our bodies. When prana is flowing freely and fluidly, we’re in a largely balanced state of health, but when it gets stuck and stagnant, disease is more prone to develop. By teaching your students the graceful and elegant practice of yin yoga, you’ll be upgrading their levels of heal in truly profound ways. You’ll be playing a part in healing psychological issues as well as physical ones, which is a pretty amazing thing when it comes to being a yoga teacher.

  1. You teach self-love

In essence, yin yoga is a practice of self-love, and by giving your students a technique to care for their bodies, minds and souls, with slow and soothing movements, you’re teaching them how to love themselves more and more. We can’t love ourselves enough, and when our cup over floweth, that’s when we can help others. By teaching your students yin yoga, you’ll be spreading love throughout the world and raising vibrations all around, and that’s what the world needs now more than ever!

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