3 Winter Rituals for Bliss

3 Winter Rituals for Bliss
29 January, 2016

  1. Light a candle before doing a task

Because winter calls for more inside time than the other months, it’s really nice to bring a sense of the sacred to everything you do – especially the little things. Light a candle as soon as you wake up and sit quietly for a moment, giving thanks for yet another day to be alive on this precious planet. Light a candle before doing the dishes, bringing a sense of beauty and delight to the seemingly mundane task. Light a candle before preparing a meal. Slow down and put all your attention into your creation. Light a candle before sitting at your desk to dive into a project. Candles help us bring more presence to everything we do.

  1. Start a dream journal

In the winter we need to sleep more. But how can we make the sleeping hours really juicy? Getting a beautiful journal and taking the time to delve into your dreams can make sleep time more fun and maybe even provide you with some insight into your hopes and dreams.

  1. Immerse yourself in the sensuality of aromatherapy

There’s no end to the essences that plants bring us. When there’s not a lot of warmth and sun to soothe the soul, we can move towards our sense of smell, by diffusing essential oils into the air, and by making massage oils and other blissful potions. Treat yourself to a starter kit of essential oils and a nice aromatherapy diffuser, then go from there.

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