3 Reasons to Kick your Sugar Habit

3 Reasons to Kick your Sugar Habit
25 March, 2016

In the not so long ago times, sugar was considered a luxury.  A sought after treat that was not commonly consumed. Throughout the Middle Ages, it was considered a rare and expensive spice, rather than an everyday condiment.  

Nowadays artificial sweetners, like  high fructose corn syrup and sugar cane are in almost everything.  Fruits juices, pastas sauces, hot sauces – even the little yogurts we thought were so good for us are laden with sugar.  Although why is it that our Spiritual Celebrations are centered around sweets and heavy meals? 

Easter is a Christian and Pagan holiday.  Celebrating the resurrection of Christ which is also in line with a season for rebirth.  For Pagan’s Easter is a ‘movable feast’ which is chosen to correspond with the first Sunday following the full moon after the March equinox.  The consumption of decorative treats and sweets on this holiday is of course a consumerism  model of attaching emotional nostalgia and heavy advertising to youngsters during Spiritual times.  In addition, the deeper Spiritual purpose and meaning of holidays are often meant for communities to feast, dine and celebrate together.   

Breaking out of the consumerist mindset and ending the sugar cravings might not be easy but eliminating sugar from your diet it’s totally doable and your mind, body and soul will love you for it. Here are 3 reasons why kicking the sugar habit might be right for you.

  1. Sugar Increases Disease Risk

If you have too much white sugar meandering around within your body, your chances of having cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and obesity are so much higher than if you cut it out entirely. Imagine how much better you’ll feel by preventing these modern diseases simply by cutting one pesky ingredient from your diet! Less trips to the doctor and more trips to your next yoga retreat!

  1. You will love your body and maintain a healthy weight

Taking sugar out of your diet means treating your body – this precious vessel your soul is travelling in – with the love and care it truly deserves. Your body is your temple, and cutting out the sugar means treating it as such. In addition, too much sugar in your diet makes maintaining a healthy weight nearly impossible, so if you want to shed those last few pounds, cutting the white stuff from your diet will ensure weight loss success.

  1. You will prep yourself for transformation

You really can’t evolve along the yogic path if your body and mind is run down and fogged up by too much sugar. You want your vessel to be as clean as it possibly can so that transformation comes naturally. If profound spiritual evolution is one of your highest goals, then cut out the sugar once and for all!

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