2 Asanas For Tired Eyes

2 Asanas For Tired Eyes
20 August, 2015

Most of us are working at a computer all the time, and our eyes are constantly straining as we do. Poor, poor eyes! They’re so sensitive and yet so intelligent. Our precious eyes do so much for us but how often do we reward them for their unrelenting service? Not enough! So, let’s set the intention in this moment to begin to consider our eyes, with two simple eye asanas we can do anytime, anywhere.

Eye asanas actually relieve some of the tension the eyes hold onto as they stare or squint at our devices. When we’re looking at near objects, our eye muscles overcompensate, so we need to relax and release that muscular tension. These two eye asanas are soothing and accessible – you can do them right at your desk!

Eye Palming 

Simply rub your palms together to create some heat and then cup them over your eyes. Close the eyes and soften them, allowing the palms to act as a protector of sorts. Feel the warmth emanating from your palms and let the eyes rest into their sockets. Stay in the pose for ten to thirty seconds. Now press your thumbs firmly into the inner orb of your eye and hold for a few seconds. This may feel sensitive but there are some pressure points here and your eyes will feel quite refreshed after doing this exercise. Now rub the palms together once and again and cup them over your eyes for another thirty seconds. Eye palming also gives your eyes a break from the blue emission light that comes from your computer screen.

Eye Gazing

To combat all that near-sighted computer gazing, we want to take breaks to gaze at something far away. Find a window framing the beautiful outdoors. Stretch your arm straight in front of you with your thumb facing upward, as if you were giving someone a “thumbs up.” Now, choose a gazing point in the distance – perhaps it’s the leaf of a tree or a shadow on the ground. Alternate your gaze back and forth between your thumb and the object in the distance. Do ten rounds of this exercise. To close, do one more round of eye palming – rubbing the hands together, and then placing them over your eyes. Now, thank your eyes for all they do. Promise you’ll take care of them more often, so that they can better serve you for the rest of your life. 

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