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Trina Solomon

Trina Solomon Biography

Trina attended her first yoga class with her mother at an early age. She loved the feeling of connection that yoga provided. It was this feeling that she was looking for when she started her own yoga practice as an adult. However, it was not until she found kundalini that she met her true yoga love. Yoga provides a way to sync the mind and body allowing you to connect to your true self. It is this gift that Trina seeks to share with others in her teaching. Inversions, arm balances and a perfectly aligned Trikonasana are all just bonuses.

She completed her first Yoga Alliance Certified training as a spiritual immersion at Yandara Yoga Institute in Mexico. She has since gone on to receive her Kids and Family Yoga certification through Yoga Works. Trina believes it is important to introduce children to yoga because they learn to connect with themselves in a fun and creative way. It is such an advantage to learn these tools at a young age and be able to draw upon them as you get older and life gets more complicated.

Her latest certification, through Yoga Works, is in Barre Sculpt. Having practiced ballet for many years, Trina loves how Barre classes incorporate the lengthening and strengthening exercises of ballet with the safe alignment techniques of yoga.

Trina would love to share her practice with you and inspire you on the journey to find your own truth and recognize your full potential.

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