Lydia Smith - St. Petersburg, FL

Lydia Smith
  • Home City: St. Petersburg, FL
  • Program & Date Graduated: Baja 26-day, November 2007
  • Website: Lydia Smith
  • Facebook: Lydia Smith

Lydia Smith Biography

  Training at Yandara inspired me to eventually go to the New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics. I became a Massage Therapist and Natural Therapeutics Specialist. That training took me to Florida to train at the Thai Yoga Center where I studied Thai Yoga Therapy (thai massage) in depth with a master as an apprentice for a year teaching full-time thai yoga therapy. Currently I have a Holistic Health practice focusing primarily on Thai Yoga Therapy and Yoga instruction in St. Petersburg, FL. I plan to eventually take this training and bring it to third world countries where women can train and be able to start their own businesses as well as take care of their families from a natural health perspective. Love is everywhere and the power begins within! Thank you Yandara for opening the doors for me to a world of love and beauty through yoga, meditation, dancing, singing, and awesome people.

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