Laurel Kilbourn - Cambridge, MA

Laurel Kilbourn
  • Home City: Cambridge, MA
  • Program & Date Graduated: 200 HR, February 2013

Laurel Kilbourn Biography

I continue to learn moreabout yoga and more about me through yoga, by taking weekly classes withworld-class teachers in the Boston area. I offer private yoga instruction; subfor my local yoga-guru when she can’t make it to her corporate client classes; volunteerweekly at Healthworks Community Fitness Center in Dorchester, MA bringing yogato a diverse group of low-income women in one of the few yoga deserts in theBoston area; recently began a partnership with Partners for Youth withDisabilities’ Young Entrepreneurs Program bringing yoga to their students atBurke High School in Dorchester, MA. January 2014 will bring new opportunities for offering aclass series at a dance studio in Alston, MA, as well as bringing yoga into the offices of a number of Boston area businesses. In addition,I am currently adding final touches to my website:… Peace UP!!!

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