Betsy Burnett - Asheville, NC

Betsy Burnett
  • Home City: Asheville, NC
  • Program & Date Graduated: Baja 26 day - July 2013

Betsy Burnett Biography

What are you doing with Yoga?
I am currently teaching a Yin yoga class at the YMCA in Hendersonville, NC once a week. I am also an instructor with the Livestrong at the YMCA program, which is a 12 week small group program designed for adult cancer survivors who have become deconditioned or chronically fatigued from their treatment and/or diagnosis, and are on their journey to recovery. One of the most important things I teach as a Livestrong instructor is how to calm the mind, body and spirit through breath, yoga, and meditation – all tools I learned at Yandara. 

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